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Richie Goods & Chien Chien Lu (US)
The Heavy Hitters (US)
The Heavy Hitters
The Baylor Project (US)
The Evening
Tas Cru (US)
Riffin' The Blue
Mick Kolassa (US)
For The Feral Heart
Muddy What? (D)
Spider Legs
Stef Paglia Trio (B)
Light & Darkness
De Braave Joenges (B)
De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Maskke!
Peach & Quiet (Can)
Beautiful Thing
Joe Louis Walker (US)
Weight of the World
(blues - soulblues)
Grey Delisle (US)
Kenny Barron (US)
The Source
Skip & Dan Wilkins Quartet (US)
In The Stars
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Vanessa Collier (US)
Live at Power Station
(blues - funk - soul)
Rick Berthod (US)
Tribute To Peter Green
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Little Kim (B)
(americana - country)
Sarah Elizabeth Charles (US)
Blank Canvas
Nadje Noordhuis (Aus)
Full Circle
Pat & Evert
Eternal Conversations
The Williams Brothers (US)
Memories To Burn
(country - harmony)
West of Eden (SE)
Next Stop Christmas
Jim Keller (US)
Spark & Flame
Black Market III (US)
Soul Survivor
(blues - soul - american roots)
The Commoners (Can)
Find A Better Way
(bluesrock - southern rock)
Babaux & The Peacemakers (US)
Lucky 13
Kirk Lightsey (US)
Lie At Smalls Club
The Ostara Project (Can)
The Ostara Project
Old Californio (US)
Old Californio Country
(country folk)
Ben Levin (US)
Take Your Time
(piano blues)
Valentine U Trio (B)
Boogie Beasts (B)
Blues From Juiter
Lucky Came To Town (B)
December Sessions
Billy Truitt (US)
Abstract Truth
(blues 'n roots)
Ivor S.K. (Aus)
Mississippi Bound
(delta blues)
Simon Belelty (US)
Pee Wee
Dave Liebman (US)
Trust and Honesty
Steve McNaughton (Aus)
Dan Navarro (US)
Horizon Line
Buddy Guy (US)
The Blues Don't Lie
Blue Moon Marquee (Can)
Scream, Holler & Howl
(blues) - roots
Blues Caravan 2022
Blues Caravan Live
Dieter van der Westen Band (NL)
Honesty of the Hopeful
(americana - folk)
Erja Lyytinen (Fin)
Waiting For The Daylight
KB Bayley (UK)
Grant Dermody (US)
Behind The Sun
(blues - americana)
Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Hi-Fi Drive By
Claudia Acuña (Chili)
(latin jazz)
Michael Blake (US)
Kate Baker & Vic Juris (US)
Return To Shore
Detonics (NL)
(blues - west coast)
The Rusty Wright Band (US)
Hangin' at the DeVille Lounge
Blues Eaters (F)
Merel van de Keer (NL)
Ghost in the Storm
The Rusty Zippers (B)
Film Dust
GA-20 (US)
Alpacas Collective (B)
Seven Wisdoms of Plutonia
(afro jazz - funk jazz - latin jazz)
Will Vinson (US)
Tim Fitzgerald (US)
Full House
The Boneshakers (US)
One Foot In The Groove
Lara Taubman (US)
Ol'Kentucky Light
Laura Tate (US)
Smokey Tango
(blues - soul - jazz)
Niecie (US)
Queen of the Hill
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Judy Niemack (US)
What's Love?
Vanessa Lively (US)
Truth Is
Mick Kolassa (US)
They Call Me Uncle Mick!
(blues - country blues)
Lauren Anderson (US)
Bunr It All Down
Gene Ess (Jap-US)
John Németh (US)
May Be The Last Time
(blues - soul)
Bywater Call (Can)
(blues - southern soul - roots)
Wallace Coleman (US)
Folk Blues on Dutch Ground
Rob Heron & Tea Pad Orchestra (UK)
The Party is Over
(western swing - roots - country)
Dissidence Blues (B)
Yidaki Blues (EP)
Alex Lopez (US)
Nasty Crimes
John Primer (US)
Hard Times
The Adam Larson Trio (US)
With Love, From Kansas City
Steve Wallis (Aus)
Nothing Stays Yhe Same Way For Long
Kirk Fletcher (US)
Heartache By The Pound
The Texas Horns (US)
Everybody Let's Roll
Patty Tuite (US)
Hardcase of the Blues
Chris Antonik (Can)
Emanuel Casablanca (US)
Blood on my Hands
Giulia Millanta (I)
Woman on the Moon
Mike Clark & Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Blues on Top
Tami Neilson (Can)
(americana - country)
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers (US)
Soul Crusade

Breezy Rodio (US)
Underground Blues
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
(blues - singer-songwriter)
Steve Yanek (US)
Long Overdue
rock - singer-songwriter)
Mick Kolassa (US)
I'm Just Getting Started!
Sweet Undertow (US)
Skeletone Machine
(blues - bluesrock)
Jadea Kelly (Can)
Lauren Henderson (US)
La Bruja
(Latin jazz)
Neil Swainson (Can)
The Fire in the West
Steve Dawson & Telescope 3
Phantom Treshold
(classic rock - blues)

Matt Lomeo (US)
When You Call
(soulfull blues)
Dennis Johnson (US)
Brad 'GuItar' Wilson (US)
Mama's Biscuits (F)
Love Advice
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Jeff Coffin (US)
Between Dreaming & Joy
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US)
The Jam
Sweet Bourbon (NL)
Slippery Slopes
Mean Mary (US)
Portrait of A Woman (vol 1)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus (US)
Going The Distance
Charlie Musselwhite (US)
Mississippi Son
(blues - country blues)
Matty T Wall (Aus)
Live Down Underground
(blues - bluesrock)
Michael McDermott (US)
St. Paul's Boulevard
Ginzola Rubalcaba - Aymée Nuviola
Live in Marciac
Harish Raghavan (US)
In Tense
Higher Grounds
Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead (US)
Stratcat Willie & The Strays (US)
On A Hot Tin Roof!
The Groove Krewe (US)
Run To Daylight
(NOLA - rhythm 'n blues)
John Minnock (US)
The Lucky Ones (Can)
Slow Dance, Square Dance, Barn Dance
(bluegrass - country)
The Slocan Ramblers (Can)
Up The Hill And Trough The Frog
Shaggy Dogs (F)
Sorry For The Delay (EP)
(pub rock)
Johnny Sansone (US)
Into Your Blues
Gary Cain (Can)
Next Stop
Van Morrison (Irl)
What's It Gonna Take?
Mike Morgan & The Crawl (US)
The Lights Went Out in Dallas
Sass Jordan (Can)
Bitches Blues
Ticket West (NL)
49 Park St. Blues
Joy Lapps (Can)
Girl in the Yard
Delbert McClinton (US)
Outdated Emotuions
(American blues 'n roots)
Rik Meijer (NL)
(bluesrock and so much more)
Heathen Apostles (US)
Bloodgrass vol. 3&4
(dark americana)
Black Cat Biscuit (B)
The Way It Is
Jim Dan Dee (Can)
Real Blues
Lazy Afternoon (SE)
Just As Poor As Before
(americana - folk)
Randy McAllister (US)
Power Without Power
John Lee (KR)
The Artist
Grant Stewart Quartet (Can)
The Lightning Of The Lamps
Mike Stevens (Can)
Breathe in The World, Breathe...
Hannah Read & Michael Starkey
Cross The Rolling Water
Gina Sicilia (US)
(blues - roots)
Rod Picott (US)
Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows
Luis Deniz (CU)
El Tinajon
Anthony Geraci (US)
Blues Called My Name
James Combs (US)
Falling Under Spells
Alexander Smalls (US)
Let Us Break Bread Together
Michael Rubin (US)
I'll Worry If I Wanna
Handkerchief (B)
Ghosts Of This Town
Kenny Neal (US)
Straight From The Heart
(blues - NOLA)
Emma Wilson (UK)
Wish Her Well
The Odd Birds (US)
Tremolo Heart
The Space Age Travellers (NL)
Satellite Shuffle
(surf-jazz-swing manouche)
The North Star Band (US)
Then & Now
Judy Collins (US)
Ann Peebles (US)
Live in Memphis (1992)
(soul-rhythm 'n blues)
David Lumsden (US)
Rooted in the Blues
Dana Fuchs (US)
Borrowed Time
(blues - bluesrock)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B)
Bending The Rules
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Jack Bottleneck & Band (NL)
Cow Country
(blues - americana)
Old Crow Medicine Show (US)
Paint This Town
Catherine Russell (US)
Send For Me
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US)
Imàgenes Latinas
Michael Ward (US)
Highway 61
(blues - bluesrock)
Vaneese Thomas (US)
Fight The Good Fight
(rhythm 'n blues - soul)
Ronni Le Tekro (Nor)
Bigfoot TV
Les Fradkin (US)
The Cross In The Sky
The Pawn Shop Saints (US)
Ride My Galaxy
Dietrich Strause (US)
You and I Must Be Out Of Mind
Steven Troch Band (B)
The Call
Suzie Blue & The Lonesome Fellas
Blue Train
(swing - blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Lew Jetton & 61 South (US)
Déjà Hoodoo
Victoria Vox (US)
Nirvana In Rem
Boris McCutcheon (US)
Pocket Hang Glider
Miss Bix (US)
Bring It
Markey Blue Ric Latina Project
Jumpin' The Broom
(Memphis Blues)
Henrik Af Ugglas (SE)
Another Language
(alternative folk)
Suzanna (Nor)
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Alice DiMicele (US)
Every Seed We Plant
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Ben Markley Big Band (US)
Ari's Fun House
Roberto Occhipinti (Can)
The Next Step
Chiara Izzi ft. Andrea Rea (I)
Live in Bremen
Mike Holober & Balancing Act (US)
Don't Let Go
Jon Spencer & The HITmakers (US)
Spencer Gets It Lit
(Garage Trash)
The Blue Chevys (B)
The Night Calls
(Blues-Rhythm 'n Blues-Roots)
Mark Pontin Group (UK)
Bobby Gentilo (US)
Hurricane Ruth (US)
Live at 3rd and Lindsley
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Josh Hyde (US)
Parish Blues
Bubba & The Big Bad Blues (US)
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Rupert Wates (UK)
For The People
The Wildroots (US)
Sessions vol.2
(Blues - Gospel - Roots)
Peter Rogan (US)
Broken Down Love
(Americana - Blues)
Pepper Adams (1930-1986)
Live at Room at the Top
Trudy Lynn (US)
Golden Girl
(Blues - Soulblues)
Mississippi Heat (US)
Jordi Baizan (US)
The Love in You
B4 (B/US)
Matt Andersen (Can)
House To House
(Blues - Americana)
Mercedes Nicole (US)
(Blues - Jazz)
The Sully Band (US)
Let's Straighten It Out
(rhythm 'n blues-soul)
Beth Hart (US)
A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Bob Stroger & The Headcutters That's My Name
Kali Rodriguez - Peña (US)
Stephen Doster (US)
Over The Red Sea
Walk That Walk (US)
You Good.?!
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (US)
Auburn Wisper
Kevin Buckley (US)
Big Spring
Elles Bailey (UK)
Shining in the Half Light
(blues - gospel)
Popa Chubby (US)
Emotional Gangster
(blues - bluesrock)
Karl Stoll & The Danger Zone (US)
The Workhouse
The James Hunter Six (UK)
With Love
(rhythm 'n blues - soul)
The Remittance Men (US)
Scoundrels, dreamers and...
(Northern Country - Americana)
Brock Davis (US)
A Song Waiting To Be Sung
Surrender Hill (US)
Just Another Honky Tonk...
(Country - Americana)
Misty Blues (US)
One Louder
John Mayall (UK)
The Sun Is Shining Down
Mike Allemana (US)
Angela Easly (US)
Rise (EP)
Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts (US)
Fully Charged
Elsa Nilsson (US)
Coast Redwoods
Tyler Mitchell Octet (US)
Sun Ra's Journey
Eubanks Evans Experience (US)
North Mississippi Allstars (US)
Sail Set
Scott Ramminger (US)
Live at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville
The Celtic Duo (SE)
Margot Merah (NL)
Take Heart
Sugaray Rayford (US)
In Too Deep
Track Dogs (E)
Where To Now?
HT Roberts (B)
Under The Weather
The Love Light Orchestra (US)
Leave The Light On
Steven De bruyn
& Jasper Hautekiet
Aanhou Geraas Maak
(jazz - filmisch)
BIGLLOU Johnson (US)
Big Man
(blues - soul)
Keb'Mo (US)
Good To Be...
(blues - soul)
Regina Bonelli (US)
Truth Hurts
(blues - funk - soul)
Shanda The Howlers (US)
It Ain't Easy
(rhythm 'n blues - blue-eyed soul)
Alex 'Apolo' Alaya (PR)
Roxy Coss (US)
Disparate Parts
Dave Desmelik (US)
Clues of my Existence
Professor Louie & The Cowmatix (US)
Strike Up The Band
(blues - roots)
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Devil May Care
(blues - Bluesrock)
ZOOM ft. Shawn Kellerman (US)
Chocolate Cake
(blues - funk - soul)
The Grace Fox Big Band (US)
Eleven O' Seven
Steve Dawson (Can)
Gone, Long Gone
(roots - blues)
Little Mouse & Hungry Cats (F)
Voodoo Works
Bernard Allison (US)
Highs and Lows
(blues - funk)
Hinda Hoffman meets Soul Message
Ali Sperry (US)
In Front Of US
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Various Artists (US)
"Blind Raccoon and Nola Blues Collection vol.4"
Nienke Dingemans (NL)
Devil on my Shoulder
Katie Henry (US)
On My Way
(blues - roots)(repost)
Ad Vanderveeen (NL)
Candle To You
(singer-songwriter - americana)
King of the World (EU)
Royal Ten
(blues - bluesrock)
Kristen Lee Sergeant (US)
Harley Kimbro Lewis (US)
Sam Outlaw (US)
Popular Mechanics
Tim Easton (US)
You Don't Really Know Me
(americana - folk)
Peter Veteska & Blues Train (US)
So Far So Good
Marty Winkler (US)
Songs I Nev er Sang For My Father
Reverend Nathon (US)
Volume 1
Deanne Witowski (US)
Force of Nature
Oz Noy, Ray Marchica & U. Okegwo
Roswell Rudd & Duck Baker (US)

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