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Album reports
( albums 2016-alphabetical )

Nathaniel Rateliff (US)
and the Night Sweats

A Little Something More From

Caroll Vanwelden (B)

Portraits of Brazil

The Bugaboos (B)

Decennium 2016

Tom Craig and Soul Patch (US)

Get Ready For Me

Anna Fermin's
Trigger Gospel (US)

You Belong Here

Elliot and The Audio Kings (Can)


Jack Mack (US)
& The Heart Attack Horns

Back To The Shack

John Latini (US)

The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good

Jason Elmore (US)
& Hoodoo Witch

Champagne Velvet

Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes (F)

Dealing With My Blues

Backtrack Blues Band (US)

Way Back Home

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band (Can)

Cigar Store

Lucas Haneman Express (Can)

Tearing Up The Rails

Landon Spradlin (US)

No More Blues Mondays

C.Daniel Boling (US)

These Houses

Derrick Procell (US)

Why I Choose To Sing The Blues

Randy McAllister (US)
The Scrappiest Band In The Motherhood

Fistful Of Gumption

Jeff Boortz (US)

Half The Time

Curse of Lono (UK)

Selftitled (EP)

John Richard (Can)

Lost in Dublin

Phil Smith & The Lights (Aus)


The Rolling Stones (UK)

Blue & Lonesome

Stevie J. Blues (US)

Back 2 Blues

Jesse Dayton (US)

The Revealer

Cee Cee James (US)

Stripped Down & Surrendered

Teresa James (US)
& The Rhyhtm Tramps


Rory Block (US)

Keepin' Outta Trouble

Ilja De Neve Band (B)

Wama Bama Mama

Tensfield (B)

Freeze The Clock

Tom Shed (US)

Davey's Cornet

Larry Corban (US)

Corban Nation

Giles Robson (UK)

For Those Who Need The Blues

Mike Zito (US)

Make Blues Not War

Little Steve & The Big Beat (NL)

Another Man

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz (US)
ft. The Nighthawks

Full Circle

Jeff Chaz (US)

This Silince is Killing Me

Little Hook (B)


T-99 (NL)


Jack Tempchin (US)

One More Song

John Weeks Band (US)

Dark Angel

John Cee Stannard (UK)

It's Christmas Time (EP)

Knickerbocker All-Stars (US)
ft. Duke Robillard & Jimmie Vaughan

Texas Rhody Blues

Jeff Richman (US)


Donald Ray Johnson (US)
and Gas Blues Band

Bluesin' Around

Elijah Ford & The Bloom (US)

As You Were

Leigh Pilzer (US)


JW-Jones (Can)

High Temperature

King King (UK)


Buckwood Mojo (B)


Mississippi Live &
The Dirty dirty (Can)

I Ain't Dyin'

Adam Karch (Can)

Moving Forward

Mississippi Heat (US)

Cab Driving Man

Dude (NL)

Give It Back

Beth Hart (US)

Cab Driving Man

Moonlamb Project (B)

Snakes and Monkeys

Ray Cashman (US)

Slow Drag

Colin James (Can)

Blue Highways

John McDonough (US)

Surrounding Colors

Mark Crissinger (Can)

Night Light

The DogTown Blues Band (US)
ft. Barbara Morrison


Raphael Wressnig (Aut)
ft. Igor Prado a.m.m.

Deluxe Edition

AJ Plug (NL)

Chew Chew Chew

Any Vegetable (NL)

Veg Out!

Imperial Crowns (US)

The Calling

Mary Beth Cross (US)

Feels Like Home

Levee Town (US)

Takin' & Givin'

Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK)


Luke Winslow King (US)

I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always

Walter Broes (B)
& The Mercenaries

Movin' Up

Howard & Skye (US)


Mitch Kashmar (US)

West Coast Toast

Thornetta Davis (US)

Honest Woman

Lil' Ed (US)
and the Blues Imperials

Big Sound Of...

Bruce Katz Band (US)
feat. Chris Vitarello

Out Of The Center

Michael Tomlinson (US)

House of Sky

James 'Buddy' Rogers (US)

By My Side

Rami and the Whale (SE)


Tim Finoulst Trio (B)


Riddle & The Stars (Aus/US)

New Coastline

Dynamite Blues Band (NL)

Kill Me With Your Love

Barrelhouse (NL)

Almost There

The Infamous Roots
Rielemans Family Orchesta

Time Of Day

Trevor Alguire (Can)

Perish In The Light

The McKee Brothers (US)

Enjoy It While You Can

Bravo Max (US)

Bullfighter Blues

Giulia Millanta US/(I)

Moonbeam Parade

The Refusers (US)

Wake Up America

Duke Robillard (US)
and This All-star Combo

Blues Full Circle

Jim Wurster (US)

No Joke

Eric Sommer (US)

Brooklyn Bolero

Jimmy Thackery (US)
and The Drivers

Spare Keys

Richard Shindell (US)


Mia Rose Lynne (US)

Follow The Moon

Shakedown Tim
and the Rhyhtm Revue (B)

Hard To Catch

Phil Bee's Freedom (NL)

Memphis Moon

Fabrizio Poggi (I)
and the
Amazing Texas Blues Voices


Ray Fuller (US)
and the Bluesrockers

Long Black Train

Little Mike (US)

How Long?

Holly Hyatt & Jon Burden (Can)

Shufflin' The Blues

The Rifters (US)

Architecture of a Fire

Kaurna Cronin (Aus)

Southern Loss

Tracy K (Can)

What's The Rush?

Don Conoscenti (US)


Sue Sergel (SE/UK)

Beneath The Wollow Tree

Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers (US)

Heal My Soul

The Fabulous Thunderbirds (US)

Stronger Like That

Gina Sicilia (US)

Sunset Avenue (EP)

Ray Goren (US)


Michael Kaeshammer (Can)

No Filter

Gonzalo Bergara (Arg)

Zalo's Blues

Sonny Axell (F)

Kick Back

Shake Russell (US)

Little Bright Band of Light

Ross Nielsen (Can)


The Vaudevillian (Can)

Bringing Satan Down

The Flyin' A's (US)

You Drive Me Crazy

Lee Delray (US)

Brand New Man

Michael Hearne (US)

Red River Dreams

Black Market III (US)

Black Country

Rhythm and The Method (US)


Devon Allman (US)

Ride or Die

Ronnie Earl (US)
& The Broadcasters

Maxwell Street

Bill Johnson (Can)

Cold Outside

The Coal Porters (UK)

N° 6

Jeff Young (US)

Choose Your Own Unknown

Mátyás Pribojszki Band (HU)

My Stories

Lew Jetton & 61 South (US)


Sari Schorr (US)

A Force Of Nature

Kat Riggins (US)

Blues Revival

David 'Honeyboy' Edwards (US)

I'm Gonna Tell You Somethin' That I Know...

Michael Hearne (US)
& Shake Russel (US)

Only As Strong As Your Dreams

Doug MacLeod (US)

Live in Europe

Dylan Wickens (Can)
& The Grand Naturals

Hi Lo-Fi

Smoky Greenwell (US)

South Louisiana Blues

Mike Sponza (I) with Ian Siegal
ft. Dana Gillespie

Ergo Sum

Tony McLoughlin (Irl)
& Marlon Klein (D)

Where Is Jack

Paul Lamb (UK)

After Hours
(The Country Blues Sessions)

KlezFactor (Can)


The Paul DesLaurier Band (Can)


Katy Too (B)

Nine Lives

Richard Paul Thomas (US)


Robert Rex Waller, Jr. (US)

Fancy Free

Mick Kolassa (US)

Taylor Made Blues

Jenai Huff (US)

Color Wheel

Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins (US)

Naked...in Your Face

Al Rose (US)

Spin Spin Dizzy

Isaiah B Brunt (Aus)

A Moment in Time

Gypsy Soul (US)


The Lucky Losers (US)

In Any Town

Eliza Neals (US)

You Ain't My Dog No More

John Primer (US)
& The Real Deal Bluesband

That Will Never Do

Tawny Ellis (US)

Ghosts Of The Low Country

Laurence Jones (UK)

Take Me High

Auburn (UK)

Love & Emotions

Sweet Marta (US)
& The Blues Workers

Hoodoo Girl Blues

Rusty Apollo (NL)

Midgets & Monkeys

Earl King (US)

Let The Good Times Roll

Walter Trout (US)

Alive in Amsterdam

Doghouse Rose (Can)

Bourbon & Gasoline

Rivherside (F)

Electraw Blues

Emilia Sisco (Fin)
Helge Tallqvist Band

Selftitled (EP)

Libby Koch (US)

Just Move On

RootBone (Can)

The Long Road Home

Little Charlie (US)
and Organ Grinder Swing

Skronky Tonk

Big Smokey Smothers (US)
with The Crowns

That's Alright

Al Lerman (Can)

Slow Burn

Blue Moon Marquee (Can)

Gypsy Blues

Big Pete (NL)

Live At Bluesnow!

Mike Wheeler Band (US)

Turn Up!!

Matty T.Wall (Aus)

Blue Skies

My Girl The River (US)

This Ain't No Fairytale

Albert Castiglia (US)

Big Dog

The Kat Kings (Can)

Swingin' in The Swamp

Phil Smith (Aus)

Year Of The Dog

Tony Joe White (US)

Rain Crow

Clarence Bucaro (US)


Royal Southern Brotherhood (US)

The Royal Gospel

Sean Carney (US)


The Mojo Slide (UK)

Twist You Bones

Matt Bauer (US)

Dream's End

Reverend Freakchild (US)

Illogical Optimism (3CD)

Bill Phillippe (US)


Love On Drugs (SE)

I Think I'm Alone Now

Eric Clapton (UK)

I Still Do

Spencer MacKenzie (Can)

Infected With The Blues

The Robert Bobby Duo (US)

Folk Art

Ana Popovic


Steve Hill (Can)

Solo Recordings vol.3

Lazy Afternoon (SE)


Sammy Kershaw (US)

The Blues Got Me

John Long (US)

Stand Your Ground

Ted Vaughn Blues Band (US)


Big Jon Atkinson
& Bob Corritore (US)

House Party At Big Jon's

Guy Verlinde (B)

Rooted in The Blues

Ginger St. James (Can)

One For The Money

Moreland & Arbuckle (US)

Promised Land or Bust

Curtis Saldago (US)

The Beautiful Lowdown

Eli Barsi (Can)

Portrait Of a Cowgirl

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys

Boogie in Bremen
(Bootleg n° 58/300)

Eric Bib & North Country Far
ft. Danny Thompson

The Happiest Man in The World

The Two (CH)

Sweet Dirty Blues

Rod Melancon (US)

LA 14

The Hitman Blues Band (US)

The World Moves On

P. Van Sant (B)


John-F Klaver Band (NL)

Live at Blues Baltica

Z-Band (B)

Sweet Fruit

Sugar Blue (US)


Tweed Funk (US)

Come Together

Gus Spensos (US)

If You Were Gold Baby

Echo Bloom (US)


Rodney DeCroo (Can)

Campfires On The Moon

Blues Cargo (GR)

On Time

The Ragtime Rumours (NL)

Ain't Nobody

Marc Lelangue (B)

Lost In The Blues

The Mighty Mojo Prophets (US)

Record Store

Marc Stone (US)

Poison & Medicine

Shaun Murphy (US)

It Won't Stop Raining

John McKinley (US)

Window on the World

Harper and Midwest Kind (Aus)

Show Your Love

Eric Lindell (US)

Matters Of The Heart

70's Tush (B)

Old Devils Tour (Live)

Esquela (US)

Canis Majoris

M.S.G. (US)
(The Acoustic Trio)

The Flood

The Chapin Sisters (US)

Today's Not Yesterday

The Beat From Palookaville (SE)

Come Get Ur Love

Neal Black & Larry Garner (US)

Guilty Saints

Ben Poole (UK)

Time Has Come

Jane Lee Hooker (US)

No B!

Stone Cupid (US)

The Cardinal

Ivor S.K. (Aus)

Delta Pines

Danny Marks (Can)

Cities in Blue

The Mystix (US)

Rhythm and Roots 'Live'

Lucky Peterson (US)

Long Nights

The James Hunter Six (UK)

Hold On

Allison Dietz (US)

Pretty Lies

John Clifton (US)

Let Yourself Go

In Layman Terms (US)


Ben Harper (US)
& The Innocent Criminals

Call It What It Is

Jeff Jensen (US)

The River City Sessions

Big Daddy Stallings (US)

Slow Rollin

Mac Arnold (US)
and Plate Full 'o Blues

Give It Away

The Sumner Borthers (Can)

The Hell In Your Mind

Bill Durst (Can)

Good Good Lovin

Layla Zoe (Can)

Breaking Free

Slim Robin (NL)

Claim Your Wings

John Pinamonti (US)

The Usual

Various Artists

Blues For Big Walter

Dave Insley (US)

Just The Way That I Am

Bianca De Leon (US)

Love, Guns & Money

Blind Lemon Pledge (US)

Pledge Drive

Spicewood Seven (US)

Still Mad

Angel Forrest (Can)

Angel's 11

Ian Siegal (UK)
& Jimbo Mathus (US)

Wayward Sons

Steven Casper (US)
& Cowboy Angst

I Feel Like I've Got
Snakes in My Head

Joe Bonamassa (US)

Blues Of Desperation

Mr. Rick (Can)

Mr. Rick Sings About
God + Booze

Jeff Chaz (US)

Sounds Like The Blues
To Me.

Jordan Patterson (Can)

The Back on Track
Recording Project

Toronzo Cannon (US)

The Chicago Way

Mavis Staples (US)

Livin' on a High Note

6th EBC - Italy

Various Artists

Tasha Taylor (US)

Honey For The Biscuit

Janiva Magness (US)

Love Wins Again

Wendy Webb (US)

This Is The Moment

Yael Meyer (Ch)

Warrior Heart

Doug MacLeod (US)


Ralph de Jongh (NL)

Lonesome Man
Ocean Of Love

Ralph de Jongh (NL)

Live @ De Noot

Jack Tempchin (US)

Learning To Dance

The Pinder Brothers (US)

Melancholy Sea

Van Dyck Inc. (D/NL)

Further On Up The Road

Rachel Garlin (US)

Wink at July

Les Tzigales (B)

Anima Amici

Penny Nichols (US)

Golden State

Shaggy Dogs (F)


D.L. Duncan (US)


Dana Immanuel (UK)

Dotted Lines

Ken Dunn
& Gypsy Starfish (Can)

The Great Unknown

Ina Forsman (Fin)


Auburn (UK)

Mixed Feelings

Tim Houlihan (US)

Another Orion

Little Kim and
The Alley Apple 3 (B)

The Longest Mile

Ryan Davidson (US)

A Wick Burning High

Eight O'Five Jive (US)

Too Many Men

Kate Campell (US)

The K.O.A. Tapes (vol 1)

The Bluesbones (B)

Double Live

Boo Boo Davis (US)

One Chord Blues

West Of Eden (SE)

Look To The West

Jeb Barry (US)


Brothers Brown (US)

Dusty Road

Whelan (US)

The Story Of Ike Dupree

Wily Bo Walker (UK)
& E D Brayshaw

Stone Cold Beautiful

Tiffany Huggins Grant (US)

Jonquil Child

Reverend Freakchild (US)

Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues

Slow Bear (B)

Pale Morning Fades

Mama's Biscuits (F)

Evil Gal

Billy Hector (US)

Ols School Thang

Caroline Aiken (US)

Broken Wings Heal

John Cee Stannard (UK)
& Blues Horizon

Stone Cold Sober

Jason Rosenblatt (Can)

Wiseman's Rag

Nico Duportal (F)
and His Rhythm Dudes

Guitar Player

Steven Troch (B)

Nice 'n Greasy

The Blue Chevys (B)

Turn It Back

Barbara Blue (US)

Memphis Blue
(Sweet, Stron & Tight)

John Frick Band (SA/NL)

K.02 Sessions

Matt Jacobs Band (NL)

Made Of Stone

Keith Stone (US)

The Prodigal Returns

Roberto Morbioli Trio (I)

Acoustic Me

Kirk Fletcher (US)

Burning Blues

Kelly Richey (US)

Shakedown Soul

Leif De Leeuw Band (NL)


The Division Men (US)

Under The Gun

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