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Album Reports 2017
(albums 2017 - alphabetical)
Patrik Jansson Band (SE)
So Far To Go
The Sextones (US)
Moonlight Vision
Dee Dee Bridgewater (US)
Memphis...Yes I'm Ready
(Soul - Gospel)
The Como Mamas (US)
Move Upstairs
(Gospel - Soul)
Corey Dennison Band (US)
Night after Night
(Blues - Soul)
Blind Boys of Alabama (US)
Almost Home
(Gospel - Soul)
Nordmann (B)
The Boiling Ground
(Jazz - Rock)
Kathryn Claire (US)
Bones Will Last
(Traditional Folk)
Sean Noonan (Irl)
Man No Longer Me
Hope (D)
(Industrial Cultpop)
The Brave (US)
Acute Inflections
The Jon Hay Band (US)
Won't Let You Go
Whitherward (US)
The Anchor
De Braave Joenges (B)
De Braave Joenges 2
Ola Kvernberg (Nor)
Gregg Stewart (US)
Twenty Sixteen
Beth Wimmer (US)
Lelle Dahlberg (SE)
These Words Are True
Zsa Zsa Zsu (B)
(Jazz-Swing Manouche)
Jim Shaneberger Band (US)
Above and Below
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst
Some Times Jesse James
Wes Mackey (US)
Back To The Shack
Steve Sainas (Can)
Simple As This
Katie Garibaldi (US)
Home Sweet Christmas
Zachary Richard (US)
(Zydeco, Cajun, Singer-songwriter)
Helge Iberg's Jazz-Kammer (Nor)
A Musical Offering
Emily Barker (Aus)
Sweet Kind of Blue
(Country soul - Songwriter)
Dede Priest (US)
Johnny Clark & The Outlaws (NL)

Flowers Under The Bridge
Backtrack Blues Band (US)
Make My Home in Florida
(Chicago Blues)
Jan Preston (Aus)
Play It Again Jan
(Boogie-Woogie, Blues)
Handsome Johnny (NL)
First Round (EP)
(Americana, roots & country rock)
Bjøro Håland (Nor)
(Country, crooner)
Various Artists
International Blues Challenge #33
Catfish Howl (US)
10 Bourbon Street
(Zydeco, Cajun, Blues)
DC Snakebuster (B)
Selftitled (Demo CD)
The Jimmy Zee Band (Can)
What You See Is What You Get

Someday Jacob (D)
Everybody Knows Something Good
(Alternative Folk)
Hideaway (B)
'Live at the AB'
30 Years Anniversary CD & DVD
Ground Level Falcons (Can)
The New Wilderness vol.1
(Alternative Rock)
Nathaniel Rateliff
& The Night Sweats (US)

Live at Red Rocks
Freak Go Home (B)
Demon Light (EP)
(Electro blues/pop)
Carolyn Lee Jones (US)
In A Long White Room
(Vocal Jazz)
Jake La Botz (US)
Bonefish (SE)
A.J. & The Rockin' Trio (Por)
Rockin' The Blues
(Rockabilly-Country Swing)
Hayward Williams (US)
Cousin Harley aka Paul Pigat (Can)
Blue Smoke
The Music Of Merle Travis)
(Country Swing)
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (US)
Songs for Mixed Compagny
Mama SpanX (US)
State of Groove
Jay Pinto (US)
Jane Lee Hooker (US)
Jim Byrnes (Can)
Long Hot Summer Days
Luther Allison (US)
You Can't Always Get What Yoou Want (single)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (US)
(Captain Trappiste Series vol. 4)
Dupre St. Stomp
+ extra Mardi Gras single
Tiny Legs Tim (B)
Live at Saint-Jacobs (LP)
JD McPherson (US)
Undivided Heart & Soul
The Eric Byrd Trio (US)
Sacred Music Vol.1
Saints Are Still Marching
Peter Gallway (US)
Feels Like Religion
Steph Cameron (Can)
Daybreak Over Jackson Street
Mississippi MacDonald (UK)
ft. Steve Bailey & The Soul Fixers

Willem Wynants (B)
Last Man on the Moon
Mojo Monkeys (US)
Swerve On
Samantha Fish (US)
Belle of the West
Doghouse Sam (B)
& His Magnatones

Going Places
(Rootsrock-Rhythm 'n Blues)
Jeff Rupert & Veronica Swift (US)
Let's Sail Away
Bodinrocker (SE)
Roller Coaster Ride
Daisy Chapman (UK)
Good Luck Songs
Rocky Athas (US)
Shakin' The Dust
Calle Karlsson (SE)
Pappa (single)
Age Sten Nilsen (Nor)
Smooth Seas
Brett Perkins (Den)
and The Pawn Shop Preachers

Put A Fork In Me, I'm Done
Davide Pannozzo (I)
Unconditional Love
(Modern blues)
Kevin Breit (Can)
Johnny Goldtooth...
Gasoline Lollipops (US)
Soul Mine
Ronnie Earl (US)
and The Broadcasters

The Luckiest Man
Paul Messinger (US)
America 2.0
Angus Crowne (US)
and The Family Jewels

Shag Rug
(Uke-Billy Punk)
Ramblin' Dog (NL)
We Will Voodoo You!
(Fine Acoustic Blues)
Viva (US)
Living Well is the Best Revenge
(Rock-Rock 'n Roll)
James Armstrong (US)
Blues Geen Good To Me
Dries (B)
For The Light in Thy Heart
Nico Wayne Toussaint (F)
Nico Wayne T plays James Cotton
JazzProfilactika (Bul)
Tick Tock
(NU-Jazz - NU-Latin)
Kate MacLeod (US)
Deep in the Sound of Terra
Stormy Mondays (E)
Suitcase Full Of Dreams
Sammy Kershaw & Friends (US)
Swamp Poppin'
(Country & Louisiana Blues)
Popa Chubby (US)
Two Dogs
Some Christmas Elfs
(various artists)

Won't Be Home For Christmas
(New Chritsmas Carols)
Downchild Blues Band (Can)
Something I've Done
Delta Wires (US)
Born In Oakland
Ellen Andrea Wang (Nor)
Blank Out
(Acid Jazz)
Nordgarden (Nor)
RK Dawkins (US)
(Jazz - Smooth Jazz)
Craig Cassler (US)
Find My Way
Johnny Lang (US)
Sheewawah (NL)
Alles In Kleur
(Blues - Rootsrock)
The Wild Ones (B)
Re-release '30 Years Anniversary'
Andrea Marr (Aus)
(Soul - Soulblues - Funk)
Howard Gladstone (Can)
(Folk - Singer-songwriter)
Albert Castiglia (US)
Up All Night
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Cherry Divine (Aus)
Rockabilly Chiks
vs. Mean Evil Women
Mrs. R&B and the Soulshakers NL
The Two Tone Tracks
(Rhythm 'n Blues - Jump 'n Jive)

Radio String Quartet (A)
In Between Silence

Ghalia & Mama's Boys B/US
Let The Demons Out

Leif de Leeuw Band (NL)
Until Better Times

Paal Flaata (Nor)
Love and Rain
(The Athletic Sessions)

Mike 'Mudfoot' McDonald (Can)
Tired of the Same Old Rut?
Play This

Laurence Jones (UK)
The Truth

Bendik Brænne (Nor)
The Last Great Country Swindle

Tommy Castro (US)
and The Painkillers

Stompin' Ground

Rebirth::Collective (B)

Highway To The Blues (B)Selftitled

61 Ghosts (US)

...To The Edge

Grainne Duffy (Irl)

Where I Belong

Tine Thing Helseth (Nor)

Never Going Back

Eyal Vilner Big Band (US)


Rob Jungklas (US)


Egil Olsen (Nor)

You and Me Against The World

Dee's Honeytones (NL)

Wow! Wow!

Dr. Bekken (Nor)

Live at Bar Moskus

Tom Savage (Can)

Everything Intertwined

Alastair Greene (US)

Dream Train

Johnny Rawls (US)

Waiting For The Train

Humphrey-McKeown (US)

Tapestry of Shadows

McKee Brothers (US)

Moon Over Montgomery

Chris Ruest & Gene Taylor (US)

It's Too Late Now

Mazzle (B)

Genetic Modified Art...GMA

Scott Ramminger (US)

Alive and Ornery (Live)

Savoy Brown (UK)

Witchy Feelin'

Lloyd Spiegel (Aus)

This Time Tomorrow

BB & The Blues Shacks (D)

Reservation Blues

Passerine (US)


Leonard Griffie (US)

Better Late Than No Time Soon

Neila Dar (US)

Son of the Stars

King King (UK)

Exile & Grace

Bad Luck Woman (Can)
& Her Misfortunes


Blue Heathens (B)

The Heat

Pi Jacobs (US)

A Little Blue

Ht Roberts (B)

Stalemate Days

Jack Tempchin (US)

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Richard van Bergen
& Rootbag (NL)

Walk On In

Sugaray Rayford (US)

The World That We Live In

Petunia (Can)
and The Vipers

Lonesome, Heavy and Lonesome

Frank Migliorelli
and The Dirt Nappers (US)

Bass, Drums, Guitars
and Organs

Cassie Keenum
and Rick Randlett (US)


Dave Askren
and Jeff Benedict (US)

Come Together

Lynn Jackson (Can)

Follow That Fire

Chickenbone Slim (US)
and The Biscuits

The Big Beat

Joel DaSilva (US)

Everywhere From here

Walter Trout (US)

We're All in This Together

Lesley Kernochan (US)

A Calm Sun

Alex Lopez (US)


Eamonn McCormack (Irl)

Like There's No Tomorrow

The Nighthawks (US)

All You Gotta Do

Hamilton Loomis (US)


Bob Mundy (US)

Love To Me

Geoff Alpert & Friends (US)

Open Your Heart

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats

Groovin' in Greaseland

John-F Klaver Band (NL)

Catch The Morning Sun

The Blues Overdrive (DK)

Overdrive Live!

Sweet Bourbon (NL)

Night Turned Into Day

Ed De Smul Band (B)

Hardworking Man

Elles Bailey (UK)


Rodney DeCroo (Can)

Old Tendement Man

Lew Jetton & 61 South (US)

Palestine Blues

Vagabundos (B/UK/Bra)


Dudley Taft (US)

Summer Rain

Rob Lutes (Can)

Walk in The Dark

Rudy Rotta (I)
(14-10-1950 - 03-07-2017)

Volo Sul Mondo

Trevor Sewell (UK)

Calling Nashville

Andrew Chapman (US)

Well, It's About Time!

Jason Buie (Can)

Driftin' Heart

Andy Adamson Quintet (US)

First Light

Layla Zoe (Can)

Songs From The Road

Scott Ellison (US)

Good Morning Midnight

Martin Goyette (Can)

Big Beets

Helge Tallqvist & Loose Screws (Fin)

Loose Screws EP

Gas House Gorillas (US)

Shut Up!

Ron Francis Blake (US)


Little Freddie King (US)

You Make My Night

Scottie Miller Band (US)

Stay Above Water

SaRon Crenshaw (US)
ft. Blind B' & The Visionairs

Goin' To Get Deep

Johnny Ray Jones (US)

Feet Back In The Door

Joseph Eid (US)

Watch It Fall

Egidio 'Juke' Ingala (I)
and The Jacknives


Joakim Tinderholt (Nor)

Hold On

Honey B. Family (Fin)

Sings & Plays

Taj Mahal & Keb Mo (US)


The Kokomo Kings (DE/SE)

Too Good To Stay Away From

Lynne Hanson (Can)

Uneven Ground

Greg Sover (US)

Songs of a Renegade

SaRon Crenshaw (US)


Barking at the Mailman (B)

Trial & Error

D-Tale (B)

Breathe In

Chris Cain (US)


Lightnin' Willie (US)

No Black, No White, Just Blues
Russell Joslin (UK)

Hey Mathematician
Karen Lovely (US)

Fish Outta Water
Jelle Van Giel Group (B)

The Journey
San Pedro Slim (US)

In Times Like These

Dani Wilde (UK)

Live At Brighton Road

Joseph Veloz (US)

Willa (US)
and Company

Better days
Ghalia &
Voodoo Casino (B)

Have You Seen My Woman?
Jason Ricci (US)
& The Bad Kind

Approved by Snakes

Janet Martin (US)

Eve Sessions

Aaron English (US)

American (Fever) Dream
Sandra Marielle (SE)

Six Stories Seven Years
Alex Lopez (US)

Is It a Lie
Doug MacLeod (US)

Break The Chain
Guy Bélanger (Can)

Traces & Scars
Ani DiFranco (US)

Susan Kane (US)

Mostly Fine
Quique Gómez (E)
& His Vipers

Dealin' With The Blues
Marc Stone Band (US)

Live in Europe
Selwyn Birchwood (US)

Pick Your Poison
Kenny White (US)

Long List of Priors
The Paladins (US)

New World
Chastity Brown (US)

Silhouette of Sirens
John Németh (US)

Feelin' Freaky
Ivor S.K. (Aus)

Jesus on a Tortilla (I)

Tonite is The Night
Blind Lemon Pledge (US)

Backwoods Glance
Gina Sicilia (US)

Tug Of War

Jeffrey Halford
and The Healers (US)

Lo-Fi Dreams

Gus McKay (Aus)

Kai Strauss (Ger)

Getting Personal
John McNamara (Aus)

Rollin' With It
Jim Roberts (US)
and The Resonants

Getting Personal
Moonlamb Project (B)

Uchronic Tales (EP)
Linda Calise (US)

Happy To Be Loving You
West Of Eden (SE)

No Time Like The Past
(A Collection)
Carrington MacDuffie (US)

Rock Me To Mars
Imelda May (Irl)

Laura Tate (US)

Let's Just Be Real
Jarkka Rissanen
& Sons of The Desert (Fin)

Hybrid Soul
Polly O'Keary
& The Rhythm Method (US)

Black Crow Callin'
Gary Cain Band (Can)

Twangadelic Bluesophunk
Johnny Max Band (Can)

Roadhouse Soul
Janiva Magness (US)

Blue Again
Big Bill (B)

Jimi Jimi (single)
Chilly Willy (B)

25 Years 'Live'
Lighthouse Sweden (Swe)

Silence in the City
TG Swampbusters (Can)

Swamp Rock Country Blues
The Big 4 Quartet (B)

All For The Money...
Handkerchief (B)

Brock Zeman (Can)

The Carnival is Back in Town
Scott H. Biram (US)

The Bad Testament
Monster Mike Welch
& Mike Ledbetter (US)

Right Place, Right Time
Shotgun Sally (B)

Low Society (US)

Mike Biggar (Can)

Go All In
Watermelon Slim (US)

Golden Boy
Lorin Hart (US)

Love Come Back
The Harpoonist (Can)
& The Axe Murderer

Guy Davis (US) &
Fabrizio Poggi (I)

Sonny & Brownie's Last Train
Trombone Shorty (US)

Parking Lot Symphony
Bev Grant (US)

It's Personal
The Mavericks (US)

Brand New Day
Whitney Rose (US)

South Texas Suite (EP)
Jon Zeeman (US)

Blue Room
Erja Lyytinen (Fin)

Stolen Hearts
Boogie Patrol (Can)

Man On Fire
Coco Montoya (US)

Hard Truth
John Primer (US)
& Bob Corritore (US)

Ain't Nothing you Can Do!
Mr. Sipp (US)

Knock a Hole In It
People vs Larsen (US)

Loving Losing
Tim Bastmeyer's (Can)
All Star Blues Band

Tom Mank & Sera Smolen (US)

Unlock The Sky
Jeangu Macrooy (Sur)

High On You
Ruthie Foster (US)

Joy Comes Back
Bellemont (B/US)

Live or Lavish
Steve Mednick (US)

The Ceremony of Innocence
Bravo Big Band (B)

Another Story
Hector Anchondo Band (US)

Roll The Dice
Bobbo Byrnes (US)

Motel Americana
Shannon McNally (US)

Black Irish
Leaky Roof (B)

Take A Jive
Steve Kozak Band (Can)

It's Time
Will T. Massey (US)

The Collection: 1987-2016
Anton Walgrave (B)

When Oceans Meet
The Mojo Stars (Can)

Under The Influence
Son Of The Velvet Rat (US/A)

Chris Antonik (Can)

Marcus Malone (US)

A Better Man
Scott Smith (US)

Down To Memphis
Midnight Blues Patrol (B)

Under Cover
John Strider (US)

Soul Reunion
Big Time Bossmen (B)

Working on a Plan
JJC Band (I)

After Midnight (Live)
Jesse Waldman (Can)

Mansion Full of Ghosts
Mark Ripp (Can)
& The Confessors

Under The Circumstances
Paul Batto (SI)

Straight Talk
Eric Bibb (US)

Migration Blues
Chris Bergson Band (US)

Bitter Midnight
Ralph de Jongh (NL)

Dancing On a Vulcano
Lowlands and Friends (I)

Play Townes Van Zandt's
Last Set
Lazy Eye (Aus)

Pocket The Black (Live)
Zoe Schwarz
Blue Commotion (UK)

This is The Life I Choose
Southern Avenue (US)

Southern Avenue
My Baby (NL-NZ)

Prehistoric Rhythm
Paul Lamb (UK)
& The Kingsnakes

Live @ The Royal Albert Hall
Husky Tones (UK)

Who Will I Turn To Now?
Guy Verlinde and
The Houserockers (B/NL)

How How How
Billy T Band (US/N)

Lauren Mitchell (US)

Lauthouwers & Barbier (B)

No Time For Rock 'n Roll
Hometown Marie (SE)

Wild Side
Vanessa Collier (US)

Meeting My Shadow
Doghouse Sam &
His Magnatones

A Doghouse Tribute To The Blues Greats (vinyl) EP
Samantha Fish (US)

Chills & Fever
String Bone (Can)

Love & Highways
Lee Palmer (Can)

Tinez Roots Club (NL)

Have You Heard?!
Eliza Neals (US)

10.000 Feet Below
Carol Morgan Quartet (US)

Post Cool
Wendy Webb (US)

Step Out Of Line
John Mayall (UK)

Talk About That
Citizen K (SE)

Second Thoughts
Tiny Legs Tim (B)

Melodium Rag
Jude Johnstone (US)

A Woman's Work
Surrender Hill (US)

Right Here Right Now
Miss Tess (US)

Baby, We All Know
Meena Cryle (A)
& The Chris Fillmore Band

In Concert
Frank Kohl Quartet (US)

Rising Tide
Matt Watts (US/B)

How Different It Was When You Were There
Sugar Ray & The Bluetones (US)

Seeing is Believing
Kurt Deemer Band (US)

Bob Cheevers (US)

Fifty Years
John Cee Stannard (UK)
& Blues Horizon

To The River
Johanna Lillvik (SE)

Mary's Little Lamb (B)

Elixir For The Drifter
Audrey Silver (US)

Very Early
Manitoba Hal (Can)

Live in Ghent
Thorbjorn Risager (Den)
The Black Tornado

Change My Game
Sharon Goldman (US)

Kol Isha (A Woman's Voice)
Big Daddy Wilson (US)

Neckbone Stew
Blues Caravan 2016

Blue Sisters
Various Artists

IBC #32 (2016)
Lisa Biales (US)

The Beat Of My Heart
Brian Cullman (US)

New Year's Eve
Reverend Freakchild (US)

Preachin' Blues
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