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Album Reports 2018

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  Mother T & The Chicks (B)
Carolina Steel (US)
Teeny Tucker (US)
Put On Your Red Dress Baby
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Hymn For Her (US)
Pop 'n Downers
Eric Lindell (US)
Revolution in your Heart
Greyhounds (US)
Cheyenne Valley Drive
(blues - soul)
Philip Bradatsch (D)
Ghost On A String
Peter Karp (US)
The American Blues
Amanda Fish (US)
Dewolff (NL)
Champagne Charlie (NL)
Rich DePaolo (US)
Killed For Kings
Bill Price (US)
Digging Deeper Toward The Sky
Building Instrument (Nor)
Magngelen Min
(electronic free jazz)
Hat Check Girl (US)
Cold Smoke
Doug Schmude (US)
Burn These Pages
Kim Myhr (Nor)
Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds
(experimental music)
David Massey (US)
Late Winter Light
Glen Boldman & The Philadelphia 5
Hot Damn! It's
Willa Vincitore (US)
Lady Linn (B)
& Her Magnificent Big Band

Black Swan
A/B Trio (Can)
Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough
Alex Nakhimovsky and June Bisantz
Love's Tango
Clementine (NL)
Letting Go
(americana - folk)
Geir Sundstøl (Nor)
(jazz - soundscapes)
Kaz Murphy (US)
Ride Out The Storm
Hubert #6 (F)
One Man Delta Blues Show
(delta blues)
Barbara Hendricks (US)
& Her Blues band
The Road To Freedom
Phil Bee's Freedom (NL)
Danny Lynn Wilson (US)
Peace Of Mind
(singer-songwriter - roots)
The Complaints (US)
Talk to Me
The Hot Club of San Francisco (US)
30 Years
(hot jazz - jazz manouche)
Walter Trout (US)
Survivor Blues
(bluesrock - blues)
Kat Riggins (US)
It Ain't Christmas (single)
Helen Rose (US)
Trouble Holding Back
(country soul - blues)
Carl Solomon (US)
Simple Things
Atomic (Nor-SE)
Pet Variotons
(free jazz)
Jack Leckie (US)
The Adobe
Bob Rea (US)
Lisa Medwick Powell (US)
Blue Book
Einar Flaa (Nor)
Silent String
(americana - singer-songwriter)
Ranzel X Kendrick (US)
Texas Sagebrush
(americana - singer-songwriter)
Bjorn Berge (Nor)
Who Else?
Vanessa Rubin (US)
The Dream Is You
The Weight Band (US)
World Gone Mad
Van Morrison (UK)
The Prophet Speaks
Ina Forsman (Fin)
Bean Meaning To Tell You
(soul - funk - jazz - r 'n b)
Jim Stanard (US)
Bucket List
Ketil Bjørnstad (Nor)
Hum Som Kjenner Tristheten Ved Thing
Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips (Nor)
Perfect Stranger
Kurt Deemer Band (US)
Antenna (EP)
Jack Kilby & The Front Line (US)
Love is A Song Anyone Can Sing
Andy Milne & Dapp Theory (US)
The Seasons of Being
Raw Blues Experience (B)
Trailer Trash
The Rob Ryan Roadshow (US/D)
Coming Home
Nikki Hill (US)
Feline Roots
(blues - roots -rock)
Kat Chapman Band (Aus)
"Sir" Oliver Mally ft. Peter Schneider
Folk Blues Adventures
Suzie Vinnick (Can)
Shake The Love Around
Bobby Blackhat (US)
Put On Your Red Shoes
Katleen Scheir (B)
Border Guards
Melanie Dekker ft. jim Byrnes (Can)
For Christmas
(seasonals greatings)
Dirk Van der Linden Trio (B)
Groove Mood
(souljazz - jazz)
The Delgado Brothers (US)
Two Trains
(Latin blues)
J. Aubertin (F)
Bringers of the Light
Ric Harris (US)
Open For Business
JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci (US)
Beautiful Slop
Randy Casey (US)
I Got Lucky
The Plastic Pals (SE)
Psychic Reader
7 Days in Alaska (Nor)
Dancing With Ghosts
Robert Connely Farr
& The Rebeltone Boys (US/Can)
Dirty South Blues
Ville Lehtovaara (Fin)
Ripoff Raskolnikov Band (A)
Small World
Hidden Agenda Deluxe (NL)
feat.Oh Suzanna (Can)
Angels in the Snow
Greg Ward's Rogue Parade (US)
Stomping Off From Greenwood
The Blue Chevy's (B)
Twice Fifteen
(blues - americana)
Ruth Wyand (US)
Tribe of One
Dana Gillespie meets Al Cook
Take It Off Slowly
Karen Graigie (Aus)
Mountains of Gold
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (Nor)
Happy Endings
Dezron Douglas (US)
Black Lion
Michael C. Lewis (US)
Intimate Journey
(jazz - soul jazz)
Katie Knipp (US)
Take It With You
Ted Russell Kamp (US)
Walkin' Shoes
Marco R. Wagner (Bra)
Music Love Magic
Kim In The Middle (B)
The 7 Year Itch
Christian Li & Mike Bono (US)
Nik Barrell (UK)
Mighty Mo Rodgers (US)
The Virus
Amgala Temple (Nor)
Invisible Airships
(soundscapes - jazzrock)
Swampcandy (US)
(roots - hillbilly punk)
Ben de la Cour (US)
The High Cost of Living Strange
Mat Walklate (UK)
Sea of Blues
Ilhan Esrahin (SE)
Solar Plexus
Naming The Twins (Can)
Sing the Winter Away
Saverio Maccne & Double Ace (Arg)
Look Twice
Mike Field (Can)
True Stories
(jazzpop - punk)
Ben Prestage (US)
Live in Europe
Paul Oscher (US)
Cool Cat
JL Walker-Bruce Katz-Giles Robson
Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues
Banty Holler (US)
(roots - americana)
Mr. Shingles (UK/E)
Green in Blue
Kelly Green Trio (US)
Volume One
Surrender Hill (US)
Tore Down Fences
Little Victor (US)
Deluxe Lo-Fi
(blues - rhyhtm 'n blues)
Various Artists (Nor)
Live at Notodden Blues Festival
Jimmy Rankin (Can)
Moving East
Darrel Nulisch (US)
The Bigtone Sessions vol.1
Old Riley and the Water (US)
Biting Trough
Fiona Boyes (Aus)
Voodoo in the Shadows
Sean Chambers (US)
Welcome To My Blues
(bluesrock - blues)
The Yearlings (NL)
Randy McAllister (US)
Triggers Be Trippin
Foghorn Stringband (US/Can)
Rock Island Grange
The Ted Vaughn Blues Band (US)
It Takes A Man To Play The Blues
Kirk Fletcher (US)
Hold On
In Layman Terms (US)
Strong Roots
Kenny Carr (US)
Hilary Scott (US)
Don't Call Me Angel
The Space Age Travellers (NL)
@ Ventures in the Shadows
(instrumentals surf-r 'n r-swing)
Lindsay Beaver (Can)
Tough As Love
(rockin' blues)
DC Snakebuster (OMB)(B)
(rock 'n roots)
Jan de Bruijn (NL)
The Child Remaining Part 1
Popa Chubby (US)
Prime Cuts
Ryan Lee Crosby (US)
River Music
Laurie Jane & the 45's (US)
Late Last Night
Moskus (Nor)
(free jazz)
Rob McHale (US)
Prophets on the Boulevard
Simone Morris (Can)
Setling Up
(vocal jazz)
Regina Bonelli (US)
Love Letter
Somesh Mathur (Ind)
Time Stood Still
Greg Yasinitsky (US)
Yazz Band
Travellin' Blue Kings (B/NL)
Wired Up
Jumping Matt & His Combo (Hun)
feat. Custom Big Band
Dressed Up
(swing - jump blues)
Eric Bibb (US)
Global Griot (2CD)
(country blues - gospel - reggea)
Malford Milligan
& The Southern Aces
Life Will Humble You
(soul - armericana)
Layla Zoe (Can)
Gemini (2CD)
(blues - bluesrock)
Ten Years Today (NL)
Møster (Nor)
States of Minds
(free-jazz - soundscapes)
Mike Zito (US)
Blue Room
(re-release debuutalbum)
Murray kinsley & Wicked Grin (Can)
Murder Creek
(blues - bluesrock)
Dale Bandy (US)
Gene Ess (US)
It's All Love
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Poor Until Payday
(country blues)
Citizen K (US)
Garrick Rawlings (US)
Bryan Lee (US)
(blues - gospel)
Hearts of Oak (US)
(americana - alt-country)
Johnny and Jaalene (US)
Johnny and Jaalene
(rock 'n roll)
Gil Defay (US)
It's All Love
Moon Relay (Nor)
(free-jazz - noise)
Tony Joe White (US)
Bad Mouthin'
(swamp blues)
Jim Dan Dee (Can)
The Knickerbocker All-Stars (US)
Love Makes A Woman
(soul - rhythm 'n blues)
Bodinrocker (US)
Eye To Eye
Anthony Geraci (US)
Why Did You Have To Go
Maria Muldaur (US)
Don't You Feel My Leg
Phil Schurger (US)
The Waters Above
Flavio Lira (Bra)
Coffee Gold Sugar Cane
(latin jazz)
The Fearlessness
Hanna Paulsberg Concept (N)
Daughter of The Sun
Blues Caravan 2018
Mike Zito-Vanja Sky-Bernard Allison
Brad Colerick (US)
Nine Ten Thirty
Vanessa Peters (US)
Foxhole Prayers
Luis Barbosa (Azoren)
Dust To The Sky
Mark Hummel (US)
(harmonica blues)
Sari Schorr (US)
Never Say Never
Judith Owen (UK)
The Ragtime Rumours (NL)
Rag 'n Roll
(ragtime - gypsy jazz - blues)
Russ Johnson (US)
Tia Bradza (Can)
Kate Campbell (US)
Damn Sure Blue
Mike Farris (US)
Silver & Stone
Damon Fowler (US)
The Whiskey Bayou Session
Laura Meade (US)
Matt Ulery (US)
Shifting Stars
Rupert & Drexler (US)
R & D
Nichole Wagner (US)
And The Sky Caught Fire.
Nathan Bell (US)
Loves Bones & Stars...
Detonics (NL)
Raise Your Bet
(blues - swing - boogie)
Skadedyr (Nor)
(improvisatie jazz)
Vincent Beaulne (Can)
The Voice is Mine
(singer-songwriter - blues)
Hilde Marie Holsen (Nor)
(soundscapes - jazz)
Sarah Reich (US)
New Change
(tapdance - jazz)
Frode Haltli (Nor)
Avant Folk
(contemp.folk - avant garde jazz)
Raphael Wressnig (A)
ft. Alex Schultz & James Gadson
Chicken Burrito
(soul jazz)
Mud Bay (Can)
Colebrook Road
Sax Gordon (US)
Rock 'n Roll Lives Here
(rhythm 'n blues - soul)
Trudy Lynn (US)
Blues Keep Knockin'
Low Lily (US)
10.000 Days Like These
(americana - folk)
Johnny Rawls (US)
I'm Still Around
Eryn (US)
Lady E
(soul - rhythm 'n blues - blues)
Daniel Rotem (Isr)
Serenading The Future (2CD)
Allan Thomas (US)
Two Sides To Every Story
Colin James (Can)
Miles To Go
The Gravel-Aires (Can)
National Avenue
Ana Popovic (SRB)
Like It On Top
(blues - soul - jazz)
Lassen (Nor)
(free jazz)
David Onley (US)
This Side Or The Other
Hadden Sayers (US)
Acoustic Dopamine
Hadden Sayers (US)
Dopamine Machine
(blues - bluesrock)
Trio Thomastique (B)
Sea Breeze (EP)
Madeleine Peyroux (US)
Darren Barrett (Can)
On Time for Romance: But Beautiful
Aimée Allen (US)
Wings Uncaged
Malcolm Holcombe (US)
Come Hell or High Water
Angel Sucheras (Arg)
New Orleans Spirits
(Nola - jazz)
Rita Engedalen (Nor)
Best Of
Enrique Haneine (US)
The Mind's Mural
Charles Pillow Large Ensemble (US)
Electric Miles
Tami Neilson (Can)
(soul - Vintage rock 'n, roll)
Pat Battstone (US)
The Last Taxi: In Transit
Howard Gladstone (Can)
Michelle Lewis (US)
All That's Left
Bokanté & Metropole Orkest
What Heat
Dean Haitani (Aus)
47 Stones
Mick Kolassa (US)
and the Taylor Made Blues Band
149 Delta Ave
Dennis Herrera (US)
You Stole My Heart
Ruby Turner (UK)
That's My Desire (EP)
Black Market III (US)
Dashboard Jesus
(blues 'n roots)
Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd
After Us
The War and Treaty (US)
Healing Tide
(blues - soul)
Adison Evans (US)
Marshall Gilkes & WDR Big Band
Always Forward
Now Vs Now (US)
The Buffering Cocoon
(electronic free jazz)
Kat Danser (Can)
Goin' Gone
(blues - roots)
Deb Rhymer (Can)
Don't Wait Up
Farzane Zamen (Irn)
Z Bent
(wereld folk)
Kris Adams (US)
We Should Have Danced
Steve McQuarry (US)
Henry Conerway III (US)
With Pride For Dignity
Chris Thomas (UK)
Bound To The Ocean
Tragedy Ann (Can)
Tommie Harris ft. Kai Strauss
Alabama Hambone
(blues - rhyhtm & blues)
Scott Pepito (US)
Rainbow Gravity
Verbraak - Van Bijnen (NL)
Endless Road
Ben Kunder (Can)
Better Human
Bombino (Nig)
(Tuareg folk - blues)
Nathan Bell (US)
In Spite of Everyone & Everything
Shemekia Copeland (US)
America's Child
Orions Belte (Nor)
(electronic world music)
Curse of Lono (UK)
As I fell
(alt-rock - americana)
Louderdales (D)
En El Valle De Los Perdidos
Neal & The Vipers (US)
One Drunken Kiss
(blues - jump blues - rockabilly)
Justin Saladino Band (Can)
A Fool's Heart
(blues - soulblues)
Jesse Dayton (US)
The Outsider
Alex Clough (US)
Near, Far, Beyond
Dan McKinnon (Can)
The Cleaner
The Breath (UK)
Let The Cards Fall
Osborne Jones (US/UK)
Ever Close
(americana - country)
James Austin Jr. (US)
Songs in the Key of Wonder
Anthony Fung (Can)
Bruce Katz Band (US)
Get Your Groove!
(blues - souljazz)
Evan Salvacion Levine Trio (US)
Keith Stone with Red Gravy (US)
Blues With a Taste of New Orleans
(blues - Nola)
Ben Poole (UK)
Anytime You Need Me
(blues rock)
Carolyn Fe (Can)
Sugat Ko
Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo
Beyound The Blue Horizon
(rhythm 'n blues - swing)
Sugar Brown (US)
It's A Blues World
Fatoumata Diawara (ML)
(Mali blues & folk)
Cyril Neville (US)
Endagerend Species
(funk - nola)
Vanessa Collier (US)
Honey Up
(funk - soul - blues)
Eli Paperboy Reed (US)
Meets High and Mighty Brass Band
(soul - rhythm 'n blues)
Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Sons of Rhythm (Can)
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Judi Silvano & The Zephyr Band (US)
Lessons Learned
(vocal jazz)
Peter Lin - The Lintet (US)
With Respect
Dan Israel (US)
You're Free
Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio (US)
Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here
AJ Plug (NL)
Barefoot - The Grolloo Takes
Reverend Jimmie Smith (US)
Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith
(jazz - souljazz)
Andrea Van Cleef (I)
Tropic of Nowhere
Trainman Blues (DK)
(acoustic blues)
Travellin' Brothers (E)
13th Avenue South
(swing - blues)
Melbreeze (US)
Bobbo Byrnes (US)
Two Sides To This Town
Bettye Lavette (US)
Things Have Changed
Jeff 'Siege' Siegel Quartet (US)
London Live
Big Creek Slim (DK)
Bad Luck Child
(acoustic blues)
Miss Rea & The Midnight Ramblers
Wild Rose
Steve Future (SE)
7 Cities
B.R. Lively (US)
Into The Blue
Steve Krase Band (US)
Just Waitin'
Gina Sicilia (US)
Heard The Lie
Jesper Theis (DK)
Narrow Line
(acoustic blues)
Lazy Afternoon (SE)
Everytime-Water (single)
(Americana - Tex-Mex - Folk)
Greyhound (NL)
Double Sixty
(acoustic blues)
Fiery Blue (US)
Ligtning Out
Bob Corritore & Friends (US)
Don't Let The Devil Ride!
Billy Hector (US)
Someday Baby
Ben Bostik (US)
(country rock)
Power Shake (B)
Go Wild!
(rockin' blues 'n boogie)
The Proven Ones (US)
Wild Again
Little Kim and The Alley Apple 3
(western swing, swing, gospel)
Troels Jensen & Miriam Mandipira
Careless Love
(acoustic blues)
Gregory Generet &
Richard Johnson (US)
Two Of A Kind
(vocal jazz)
Ilaria Graziano &
Frencesco Forni (US)
Twinkle Twinkle
Rockin' Dopsie &
The Zydeco Twisters (US)
Rockin' Zydeco
Marla & David Celia (D/Can)
(folk - americana)
The House Jumpers (US)
Foolin' Around
(jump blues - west coast blues)
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US)
(southern rock)
Big Apple Blues (US)
Manhattan Alley
(soul jazz - MOD jazz - jazz funk)
Tribu (US)
El Matador
(latin jazz)
Little Red Rooster Blues Band (US)
Lock Up The Liquor
Josh Smith (US)
Burn To Grow
Buddy Guy (US)
The Blues is Alive and Well
Love on Drugs (SE)
Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners
That's All There Is
Red Beans and Rice Combo (US)
Let The Joy Begin!
Paul Messinger (US)
Love Will Find You
Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip (Fin)
TwentyFive Live at Blues Baltica
Son of the Velvet Rat (A)
The Late Show (Live)
Billy Price (US)
Kat Riggins (US)
In The Boys' Club
Celso Salim Band (Bra)
Mama's Hometown
Jaqueline Tabor (US)
The Lady in the Gown
(vocal jazz)
Thea Hopkins (US)
Love Come Down
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Nico River & The Black Grass (US)
Tiny Death
Itai Kriss (Isr)
The Furious Seasons (US)
Now Residing Abroad
Rory Block (US)
A Woman's Soul (Bessie Smith)
(acoustic blues)
George Lilly (US)
and the Half-Fast Allstarz

Thinkin' About You Baby
Tomislav Goluban feat. Toni Starešinić (HR)
Velvet Space Love
(instrumental jazz-lounge)
Troy Roberts (Aus)
Nu-Jive Perspective
Flavio Silva (Bra)
Break Free
Hopeless Jack (US)
(gargage rock 'n roll)
Willow Springs (UK)
Urban Ghosts
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK)
Them Old Bones
(roots - voodoo punk)
Mean Mary (US)
Blazing (Hell is Naked Soundtrack)
Marshall (US)
Carnivals and Other Tragedies
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Fandango Live (B)
Sherwood Avenue
Big Harp George (US)
Uptown Cool
Mark De Wit & Rik Ooms (B)
Tribute to Dylan
Mike Spine (US)
Forage & Glean (Vol I & II)
(singer-songwriter - rock)
Elliot and the Audio Kings (Can)
Long Live The King
(jump blues)
David Gerald (US)
Matt T Wall (Aus)
Giullia Millanta (I)
Conversation With a Ghost
Paul Filipowicz (US)
Tas Cru (US)
Memphis Song
Shelby Texas (US)
We Are Shelby Texas
Geof Bradfield (US)
Yes, and music for nine improvisers
Annika Fehling Trio (Se)
In The Universe
Jenny Van West (US)
Happiness To Burn
(singer-songwriter -country)
Kai Strauss (D)
The Blues is Handmade
(blues) - Vinyl only
Little Freddie King (US)
Fried Rice & Chicken
Beady Belle (Nor)
(Neo Soul - Nu Jazz)
Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch (US/B)
Cool Iron
(acoustic blues)
Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs (US)
Bad & Better Angels
I See Hawks in L.A. (US)
Live and Never Learn
Steve Dawson (Can)
Lucky Hand
Luke Winslow King (US)
Blue Mesa
I'm Kingfisher (SE)
Mai Khoi (Vietnam)
Needlepoint (Nor)
The Diary of Robert Reverie
(prog. jazz rock)
Dieter van der Westen Band (NL)
Me and You
Spencer MacKenzie (Can)
Cold November
Raven & Red (US)
We Rise Up
(americana - folk)
Eugene Ruffolo (I)
Canto Per Mangiare
The Slocan Ramblers (Can)
Queen City Jubilee
Calle Karlsson (SE)
Monterey Shoreline
Keeshea Pratt Band (US)
Rita Coolidge (US)
Safe in the Arms of Time
Sawdust & Rust (SE/FO)
Leaving A Memory
Tim Lothar (Den)
More Stories
(acoustic blues)
Tuba Skinny (US)
Nigel's Dream
(NOLA - ragtime-jazz-blues)
Jeff Jensen (US)
Wisdom & Decay
Matt Lemmler (US)
Love (2CD)
(jazz - NOLA)
Lurrie Bell (US) & The Bell Dynasty
Tribute to Carey Bell
Mongrel State (Irl/I/E/Arg)
Mike Aiken (US)
Wayward Troubadour
Adi Meyerson (US)
Where We Stand
Artur Menezes (Braz)
Keep Pushing
Slagr (Nor)
(free jazz-folk-fusion)
Mag Okura (US)
& Pan Chambre Jazz Ensemble
Ima Ima
Skydive Trio (Nor/Fin)
Sun Sparkle
Splashgirl (Nor)
Sith Sence
(free jazz)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings (UK)
Studio Time
Carter Sampson (US)
(Americana - country)
Jordan Officer (Can)
Three Rivers
Espen Berg Trio (Nor)
Little Steven (US)
and the Diciples of Soul
Soulfire Live!
The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo
Take Off Your Clothes
Michael William Giilbert (US)
Radio Omnibus
(electronic fusion)
Van Morrison (Irl)
& Joey DeFrancesco (US)
You're Driving Me Crazy
(jazz - blues)
Willie Jackson Blues (US)
Chosen By The Blues
Lucky Bones (Irl)
Matchstick Men
(americana - rock)
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
The Blues and I Should Have A Party
Marcia Ball (US)
Shine Bright
(blues-swamp blues)
Levi Parham (US)
It's All Good
(southern rock)
John Clifton (US)
Husky Tones (UK)
I Don't Give A Damn Anymore
Mona Wallin (SE)
To Build A Fire
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Michael Kaeshammer (Can)
Something New
(blues-jazz-boogie woogie)
The New England Jazz Ensemble
Peter and the Wolf
(jazz-big band)
Blue and Broke (B)
Ultan Conlon (Irl)
Last Days of The Night Owl
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Bekken & Gjems (Nor)
Walter 'Wolfman' Washington
The Futur is My Past
Steve Hill (OMB) (Can)
Joyann Parker (US)
Hard To Love
Pharis and Jason Romero (Can)
Sweet Old Religion
Danny Bryant (UK)
Gerry Spehar (US)
Anger Management
Eva Hillered (US)
New Me
Archie Lee Hooker (US)
& the Coast to Coast Blues Band

Martha Jane & The Talisman (NL)
Love Spells
(country 'n' roll)
Eric Congdon (US)
Into The Woods
Dana Fuchs (US)
Love Lives On
Shaggy Dogs (F)
All Inclusive
(pub rock)
Dany Franchi (I)
Problem Child
David Vest (US)
(piano blues)
Svein Finnerud Trio (Nor)
Plastic Sun (re-release)
(free jazz)
Mike Zito (US)
First Class Life
Cold Tone Harvest (US)
After You
Big Daddy Wilson (US)
Songs From The Road
Beezlebub Jones (UK)
A Good day To Be A Bad Guy
(dark americana)
CJ Simmons (US)
Cowboy Junkies (Can)
All That Reckoning
(Alt-country - Roots)
Jennifer Maidman (UK)
Jon Cleary (US)
Yügen (Nor)
(experimental jazz & folk)
Small World (B/SA)
Live at Bird's Eye
Jørgen Sandvik (Nor)
Permanent Vacation
(acoustic blues)
Giles Robson (UK) & Chris Corcoran
Roller Coaster!
(harmonica blues)
Track Dogs (UK/US/Irl)
Kansas City Out Groove
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar
Run To Me
Shakedown Tim (B)
and The Rhythm Revue

Shakedown's Th'owdown
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Emilia Sisco (Fin)
and Helge Tallqvist Band

You Ain't Heard
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Ben Harper
and Charlie Musselwhite (US)

No Mercy in This Land
(acoustic blues)
Rondi Marsh (US)
The Pink Room
(vocal jazz-gypsy-latin)
John Mayall (UK)
Three For The Road (Live)
The DIVA Jazz Orchestra (US)
DIVA 25th years anniversary
(jazz-big band)
Marc Borms & Friends (B/US)
Don't Die Till You're Dead
The Blues Eaters (F)
Night Ridin' Daddy
(swinging blues)
Carrington MacDuffie (US)
Kiss make Better
Fred Chapellier & The Gents (F)
feat. Dale Blade (US)

Set Me Free
Barrence Whitfield (US)
& The Savages

Soul Flowers of Titan
(rhythm 'n blues)
Sy Smith (US)
Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete
(Jazz-Neo Soul-R&B)
Audun Skjølberg (Nor)
Last Days on Earth
Tom Veith (D)
Tired of These Bleus
Melanie Dekker (Can)
Secret Spot
Tai Shan (US)
Meet Me in The Middle
(folk - singer-songwriter)
Chris Smither (US)
Call Me Lucky
(country blues - americana)
Knut Reiersrud Band (Nor)
(progressive blues-rock)
Mark Huff (US)
Stars For Eyes
Kid Ramos (US)
Old School
Catfish & Cotton (B)
Flat Tire Blues
(delta blues)
Don Braden (US)
Earth Wind and Wonder
Stompin' Heat (D)
Live at Stummsche Reithalle
(rough blues)
Annie Keating (US)
Ghost of the Untraveled Road
Grant Peeples
& The Peeples Republik (US)

Settling Scores Vol.II
Kris Lager Band (US)
Love Songs & Life Lines
Bluebird (B)
Live at Missy Sippy
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin (US)
NPO Trio (US)
Live at The Stone
(jazz - free jazz)
Flaata-Ackles-Busk (Nor)
The Gospel Album
James Harman (US)
Dan Siegel (US)
(jazz - smooth jazz)
Johanna Sillanpaa (Can)
From This Side
(vocal jazz)
Karen Lee Batten (Can)
Under the Covers In Muscle Shoals
The Nick Moss Band (US)
feat. Dennis Greunling

The High Cost of Low Living
The Vamps (US)
Premier Soul-Jazz
(jazz - soul jazz)
Reverend Freakchild (US)
Dial It In
Nathaniel Rateliff (US)
and the Night Sweats

Tearing at the Seams
(roots - soul)
Courtney Yasmineh (US)
High Priestess and the Renegade
Gurls (Nor)
Run Boy Run
Mud Morganfield (US)
They Call Me Mud
(blues - soul)
Manitoba Hal (Can)
Blues in the Water
(acoustic blues)
Bart Buls (B)
Parallel Minds
Sheesham & Lotus & 'Son (Can)
Clear The Table
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Winning Hand
(blues - bluesrock)
Teresa James (US)
& The Rhythm Tramps

Here in Babylon
Ian Siegal (UK)
All The Rage
Angel Forrest (Can)
Electric Love
(blues - bluesrock)
Blues Caravan 2017
Blues Got Soul
(blues - soul - rhythm 'n blues)
Marshall Lawrence (Can)
Feeling Fine
(blues - soul)
Meadow Creek (SE)
'Till Death Do US Part
Guitar Jack Wargo (US)
Keepin' It Real
(blues - soul)
Johnny Tucker (US)
Seven Day Blues
Black Mango (B)
Djirri Djarra
vernieuwe opstelling
Keegan McInroe (US)
A Good Old Fashioned Protest
OBK Trio (US)
The Ing...
Band of Gold (N)
Scott Smith (US)
Igniting the Flame (EP)
(americana - rockin' blues)
Jeb Barry (US)
and the Pawn Shop Saints

Texas, etc...
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Carvin Jones (US)
The Big Time Souvenir
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US)
(Latin jazz)
Chip Taylor (US)
Fix Your Words
Deborah Hendriksson (SE)
Near and Far
Danielle Nicole (US)
Cry No More
Patrick McCallion (UK)
Keep Smiling
Mike Spine (US)
Don't Let It Bring You Down
(singer-songwriter - rock)
Ten-Hut (NL)
Clean (EP)
(world funk)
Cina Samuelson (SE)
Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me
(country - single)
Tommy DarDar (US)
Big Daddy Gumbo
(blues - swampblues)
Demi Knight (NL)
(singer-songwriter - country)
Jonathan Barber (US)
Vision Ahead
PK Gregory (US)
Honkabilly Blues
Victor Wainwright & the Train (US)
(blues - boogie woogie)
Bakersongs (NL)
Words/In a Dream
Caroline Wickberg (SE)
I'm Not Mad (EP)
Rob Mo (I)
From Scratch
Laurence Jones (UK)
The Truth (re-release)
Vanja Sky (HR)
Bad Penny
Sundae & Mr. Goessl (US)
When You're Smiling
(vintage jazz)
The Bluesbones (B)
Chasing Shadows
Sara Lee (Fin)
Heart of Stone
(rhythm 'n blues - swing)
The Gloaming (Irl/US)
Live at the NCH
(folk-contemporary music)
Blues Ghetto (I)
Down in the Ghetto
The Blues Messengers (A)
Supersonics (NL)
Close to You
(roots-rock 'n roll-country)
Gus Spensos (US)
It's Lovin' I Guarantee
(swing-rhyhtm 'n blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos(US)
Breaks It Down
Ajay Mathur (CH)
Little Boat
Laurie Morvan (US)
Chris Ruest (US)
Been Away Too Long
Steven Troch Band (B)
Rhymes for Mellow Minds
Raebekah (Aus)
My World
Laurie Jane and the 45's (US)
Midnight Jubilee
Andrew Gold (US)
First Things First
The James Hunter Six (UK)
Whatever It Takes
(rhythm 'n bues - soul)
Kyle Carey (US)
The Art of Forgetting
Ghost Town Blues Band (US)
Backstage Pass (Live)
Torgeir Waldemar (Nor)
Jamais Vu (EP)
Aiming For Enrike (Nor)
Las Napalmas
(electronic mathrock)
3hattrio (US)
Lord of the Desert
Big Bo (NL)
Preaching The Blues
(pre-war blues)
Bruno Deneckere (B)
feat. Nils De Caster

I Remember The Day
The Delta Bombers (US)
Pressure and Time
(rockabilly - rock 'n roll)
Larry Ham & Woody Witt (US)
Soul Return (US)
Mary Battiata & Little Pink (US)
The Heart, Regardless
(Americana - Country)
Shorty Jetson (B) & his Racketeers
Janiva Magness (US)
Love is An Army
Sue Foley (Can)
The Ice Queen
The LYNNes (Can)
Heartbreak Song for the Radio
Mike Harvey's Hot Club (US)
(gypsy jazz)
Dayna Kurtz (US) & Robert Maché
Here vol.2
Velma Powell and Bluedays (US)
Blues To The Bone
Billy Walton Band (US)
Soul of A Man
Noa Fort (Isr)
No World Between Us
Veronneau (US)
Love & Surrender
Bernard Allison (US)
Let It Go
Ad Vanderveen (NL)
Denver Nevada (Still Life)
Benji Kaplan (US)
Corando Sete Cores
Various Artists
Strange Angels
(In Flight With Elmore James)
Vítor Bacalhau (PT)
Cosmic Attraction
Budda Power Blues (PT)
Back To The Roots
J.P. Soars (US)
Southbound I-95
Greg Sover (US)
The Rex Granite Band
feat. Sarah Benck (US)

Curtis Saldago & Alan Hager (US)
Rough Cut
(acoustic blues)
Johnny Fink & the Intrusion (US)
Denis Solee &
The Beegie Adair Trio

Gershwin on Sax
Mick Kolassa & Friends (US)
Double Standards
Guy Verlinde (B)
& the Mighty Gators

Crystal Shawanda (Can)
VooDoo Woman
Radka Toneff (Nor)
Fairytales (Re-release)

Tutu Puoane & BJO (SA-B)
We Have a Dream
Billy & Bloomfish (B)
Happy Uncomplete
James Payne (US)
Love Talk
(deep soul)
Darling West (Nor)
While I Was Asleep
James Weidman (US)
Spiritual Impressions
Matthews Southern Comfort (UK)
Like a Radio
(folk - singer-songwriter)
Jamell Richardson (US)
Blues How I Wanna Blues
Sarah McQuaid (UK)
If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Be Dangerous
Emily Burgess (Can)
Are We In Love?
Jean Jacques Milteau (F)
Blues Harp (re-release)
(harmonica blues)
Mike Goudreau (Can)
Alternate takes vol 1
Robert Kennedy (US)
Closer to Home
(organ jazz - soul jazz)
Robbert Fossen Band (NL)
Get Off On It!
Sugar Queen (US/B/NL)
and The Straight Blues Band

340 Blues
Lex Grey (US)
and the Urban Pioneers

Usual Suspects
(modern blues)
Justin Piper (US)
(acid jazz)
Stefano Ronchi (I)
In Close Embrace
Emily Herring (US)
Rupert Wates (UK)
The Lights of Paris
Biezen (B)
Summer Of Red Roses
Pittman-Daniels Quartet (US)
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