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Album Reports 2021
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Cash McCall (US)
Blues Coming Down
Lee Rocker (US)
Gather Around
Joel Patterson (US)
Let It Be Acoustic Guitar
Skylar Rogers (US)
(soul rockin' blues)
Catherine Britt (Aus)
Home Truths
Atomic 44's (US)
The Boogeyman
Leeann Atherton (US)
Fallen Angel
Leahy (Can)
Good Water
(folk - roots)
Logan Richardson (US)
Ally Venable (US)
Heart of Fire
Rick Shea (US)
Love & Desperation
(country, blues, tex-mex)
Cristina Vane (US)
The Magnolia Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Aaron Lee Tasjan (US)
Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!
KB Bayley (UK)
Little Thunderstorms
Tammi Savoy & Chris Casello (US)
That Rock 'n Rll Rhythm!
(rhythm 'n roll)
Layla Zoe (Can)
Nowhere Left To Go
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Flower Of Life (Limited)
Gustavo Cortiñas (US)
Desafio Candente
Kat Danser (Can)
One Eye Open
(blues - country blues - roots)
The WildRoots (US)
WildRoots Sessions Vol. 1
(blues - roots - soul)
Janinah Burnett (US)
Love The Color of Your Butterfly
Album Reports 2020
Bluewire (B)
Tip Jar Legacy
(folk, bluegrass, jazz)
Ghalia Volt (B)
One Woman Band
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
7 Limited Collector Albums (2020)
(blues - rock 'n roll)
Giulia Millanta (I/US)
Tomorrow Is A Bird
Gerry Spehar (US)
Lady Liberty (EP)
Dave Soldier (US)
Cathy Grier & The Troublemakers (US)
I'm All Burn
(Blues - Soulblues)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Thank You, Mr. Mabern
The Grasso-Ravita Ensemble (US)
Jagged Spaces
The Bills (US/Nor)
Til The Blues Have Gone
Erik Dahl Ensemble (SE)
Gethenian Suite
Michaela Steinhauer (D)
Changes & Choises
Pete (B)
The Power of Almost Nothing
Drive By Truckers (US)
The New OK
(Southern rock)
Blues Lee (B)
Twenty Five

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