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    Austin Walkin' Cane (US)
Ann Lee (B)
Down The Road (EP)
(soulful blues - americana)
Don Flemons (US)
Prospect Hill
Avey Grouws Band (US)
The Devil May Care
Watermelon Slim (US)
Travelling Man (Live)
Rory Block (US)
Prove It On Me
(acoustic blues)
The Proven Ones (US)
You Ain't Done
(alt. blues)
Ben Reel (Irl)
The Nashville Calling
(rootsy americana)
A Choir Of Ghosts (SE)
An Ounce Of Gold
White Owl Red (US)
Sasha Mashin (Rus)
Happy Synapse
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Live @ The Theatre vol.2
(blues-dirty rock 'n roll)
Eamonn McCormack (Irl)
Leslie Beukelman (US)
Golden Daffodil
Gabriel Chakarji (Ven)
New Beginning
Casey Hensley (US)
Good as Gone
Little Devils & The Shuffle Blue Flames
Sticky Rollin'
The Uppertones (US)
Easy Snapping
(jump blues)
Vanja Sky (HR)
Womanb Named Trouble
Joe Nolan (Can)
W. Smith III & M. Stevens (US)
In Common 2
Carolina Calvache (Col)
Vida Profunda
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
The Whole World Inside
Miss Tess (US)
Make It Right
(american roots music)
Eileen Rose (US)
Muscle Shoals
Shunzo Ohno (Jap)
Joy Mills Band (US)
Shawn Pittman (US)
Make It Right
Caroline Rose (US)
Genna & Jesse (US)
Say OK
Özgür Hazar (TR)
Sad and Blue
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US)
The Latin Jazz Project
Sam Doores (US)
Thana Alexa (US/HR)
Maya Rae (Can)
Can You See Me?
Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead
Legacy Holder

Stephanie Hatfield (US)
Out This Fell

Laura Kits (NL)
Holy Fountain Water
Tom Mank & Sera Smolen (US)
We Still Know How To Love
Liz Mandeville (US)
PLaying With Fire
King Solomon Hicks (US)
Roomful of Blues (US)
In A Roomful of Blues
Lisa Mills (US)
The Triangle
Chris McCarthy (US)
Still Time To Quit
Chickenbone Slim (US)
(west-coast blues)
A.K. & The Brotherhood (SE)
Oh Sedona!
The James Hunter Six (UK)
Niclk of Time
(soul, rhythm 'n blues)
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL)
Where We're Heading
Louise Cappi (US)
Mèlange (2017/2020)
Barnill Brothers (B)
A Better Place
My Darling Clementine (UK)
Country Darkness Vol.1 (EP)
(Country Soul)
Chicago Yestet (US)
Not There Yet
Nels Andrews (US)
Pigeon and the Crow
Albert Castiglia (US)
Wild and Free (Live)
Barbara Bergin (US)
Blood Red Moon
Charles Pillow Ensemble (US)
Chamber Jazz
Jan James (US)
Sass Jordan (Can)
Rebel Moon Blues
Håkon Høye (Nor)
Nights at the Surf Hotel
Randall Bramblett (US)
The Meantime (10th Anniversary)
Elsa Nilsson (SE)
Ivy Ford (US)
Club 27
Andy Milne & Unison (US)
The Remission
The Secret Sisters (US)
Saturn Return
Johnny Rawls (US)
Live in Europe
Mary Jo Curry Band (US)
Front Porch
Jono Manson (US)
Silver Moon
Hayseed Dixie (US)
Blast From The Grassed
(Alt-country - bluegrass)
Sonny Landreth (US)
Blacktop Rain
Marcus King (US)
El Dorado
Marc Borms (B)
(singer-songwrite - roots)
Fernando Neris (B)
The Tiny Crowd
The Missy Sippy All Stars (B)
Missi Sippy All Stars Vol. 1
(blues 'n roots)
Chip Taylor (US)
In Sympathy Of A heartbreak
Andrew Hawkey (UK)
Long Story Short
Bobby Selvaggio (US)
Live From The Bop Stop
Bai Kamara Jr.
Gunther Brown (US)
Heartache & Roses
Sister Lucille (US)
Ry Cavanaugh (US)
Time For This
Bill Blue (US)
The King Of Crazy Town
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Ryan Perry (US)
High Risk, Low Reward
Phantom Blues Band (US)
Still Cookin'
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Mick Kolossa (US)
Blind Lemon Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Richard Ray Farrell (US)
Three Pints of Gin
(acoustic blues)
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Ice Cream In Hell
Jeffrey Foucault (US)
Blood Brothers
Tom Gilberts (US)
Old School
Albert Cummings (US)
(blues - soul)
Adam Karch (Can)
Everything Can Change
(country blues)
Eileen Ivers (US)
Scatter The Light
Terry Ohms (US)
Cold Cold Shoulder
John Blek (Irl)
The Embers
Sari Schorr (US)
Live in Europe
(blues rock)
Laila Biali (Can)
Out of Dust
Aubrey Johnson (US)
(vocal jazz)
Sam Hirsh (US)
Quite Frankly
Whitney Shay (US)
Stand Up!
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Jake La Botz (US)
They're Coming For Me
Hot Club of Los Angeles (US)
Cinema Swing
(gypsy swing - jazz manouche)
Rachel Therrien (US)
Pacific Mambo Orchestra (US)
The III Side
(latin jazz)
Ruby Turner (Jam)
Love Was Here
(soul-blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Amberly Chalberg (US)
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Ben Rice & RB Stone (US)
Out of the Box
Martyn Joseph (UK)
Days of Decision
Tami Neilson (Can)
Chicka Boom!
Lily Locksmith (US)
I Don't Need (7")
(rhythm 'n blues)
Popa Chubby (US)
It's A Mighty Hard Road
Reverend Red (US)
Lakewood Dreamers
The Pilgrims (NL)
Tom "The Suit" Forst (US)
World of Broken Hearts
Kiki Valera (CU)
Vivencias en Clave Cubana
(latin jazz)
Tas Cru (US)
Drive On
Torgeir Waldemar (N)
Cargo Mas (B)
Cargo Mas
Matt Harlan (US)
Best Beasts
Waylon Thibodeaux (US)
Here We Go Again
(Louisiana blues)
Frank Bey (US)
All My Dues Are Paid
(blues - soul)
Fog Holler (US)
The Offical Bootleg
Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Heavens To Betsy
Sarah Thorpe (F)
Deep Blue Love
(vocal jazz)
Clark Sommers' Ba(SH) (US)
Lakecia Benjamin (US)
Persuance: The Coltranes
Frank Kohl (US)
The Crossing
Justin Varnes (US)
Survival Instinct
Lucifer Mo'Blues (B)
We Know Much Better
(acoustic blues)
Bernard Allison (US)
Songs From The Road
Rott'n Dan & Lightnin' Willy (Can)
Sweet Sweet Acoustic Blues
(acoustic blues - country blues)
Neil Bob Herd (UK)
& The Dirty Little Acoustic Band

Every Soul A Story
What A Wonderful...Toots (B)
Remembering the Gentle Baron
Tomislav Goluban (Hun)
Memphis Light
(harmonica blues)
Jimmy Johnson (US)
Every Day of Your Life
Sam Lewis (US)
Snafu by Alias Wayne (US)
Mike Bond (US)
The Honorable Ones
Tomás Doncker (US)
Moanin' At Midnight
Kaylé Brecher (US)
(vocal jazz)
Carus Thompson (Aus)
Shakespeare Avenue
Robin McKelle (US)
(vocal jazz)
Sid Whelan (US)
Waitin' For Payday
(singer-songwriter blues)
Cave Flowers (US)
(southern rock)
Charlie Sutton (US)
Primitive Songs For Modern Times
(roots-country blues)
Ruby Lovett (US)
It's A Hard Life
Dirty5 (B)
Travelling Shoes
The Dave Liebman Group (US)
Jeff Rupert & George Garzone (US)
The Riplle
Stephen Fearing (Can)
The Unconquerable Past
Steven De bruyn (B)
The Eternal Perhaps
JD Walter (US)
Dressed in A Song
Lynne Hanson (Can)
Just Words
Mrs. Henry (US)
Live At The Casbah
Jonathan NG (US)
The Sphynx
DC Snakebuster (B)

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