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    Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Heavens To Betsy
Sarah Thorpe (F)
Deep Blue Love
(vocal jazz)
Clark Sommers' Ba(SH) (US)
Lakecia Benjamin (US)
Persuance: The Coltranes
Frank Kohl (US)
The Crossing
Justin Varnes (US)
Survival Instinct
Lucifer Mo'Blues (B)
We Know Much Better
(acoustic blues)
Bernard Allison (US)
Songs From The Road
Rott'n Dan & Lightnin' Willy (Can)
Sweet Sweet Acoustic Blues
(acoustic blues - country blues)
Neil Bob Herd (UK)
& The Dirty Little Acoustic Band

Every Soul A Story
What A Wonderful...Toots (B)
Remembering the Gentle Baron
Tomislav Goluban (Hun)
Memphis Light
(harmonica blues)
Jimmy Johnson (US)
Every Day of Your Life
Sam Lewis (US)
Snafu by Alias Wayne (US)
Mike Bond (US)
The Honorable Ones
Tomás Doncker (US)
Moanin' At Midnight
Kaylé Brecher (US)
(vocal jazz)
Carus Thompson (Aus)
Shakespeare Avenue
Robin McKelle (US)
(vocal jazz)
Sid Whelan (US)
Waitin' For Payday
(singer-songwriter blues)
Cave Flowers (US)
(southern rock)
Charlie Sutton (US)
Primitive Songs For Modern Times
(roots-country blues)
Ruby Lovett (US)
It's A Hard Life
Dirty5 (B)
Travelling Shoes
The Dave Liebman Group (US)
Jeff Rupert & George Garzone (US)
The Riplle
Stephen Fearing (Can)
The Unconquerable Past
Steven De bruyn (B)
The Eternal Perhaps
JD Walter (US)
Dressed in A Song
Lynne Hanson (Can)
Just Words
Mrs. Henry (US)
Live At The Casbah
Jonathan NG (US)
The Sphynx
DC Snakebuster (B)

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