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    Thomas Frank Hopper (B)
Paradize City

(bluesrock - rock)
Miguel Espinoza Fusion (US)
Women in Blues (Nor)
My Precious Blues

Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia (US)
Blood Brothers Live in Canada

Scott Emmerman (US)
Nick Steed (UK)
Influential Guidance

(funk - jazzfunk - soul)
Kalipio & Blues Mesengers (Aus)
Blues For Minnie

Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz
Soulful Christmas
(soul & funk)
Red Red (US/B)
The Alabama Kid
Skip Wilkins Trio (CZ)
In Morava
Geri Allen & Kurt Rosenwinkel (US)
A Lovesome Thing
Shuteen Erdenebaater 4-tet (D)
Rising Sun
Van Morrison (N-Irl)
Beyound Words: Instrumental
Randy Bernsen (US)
Heart, Mind and Soul
Mean Mary (US)
I'd Rather Be Merry

Afton Wolfe (US)
The Harvest

(countryblues - americana)
Emma Wilson (UK)
Memphis Calling

(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Big Harp George (US)
Big Harp George Does Christmas

Robert Finley (US)
Black Bayou

Various Artists
Jingle All The Way

Chickenforce (NL)
volume 2

(party music)
David Ronaldo & The Dice (B)
Burning (A)Live

(southern rock - blues)
Vastenavondt (B)
Call Me An Angel

Richard Rozze (UK)

Blues Caravan 2023
Blues Caravan 2023

Cory Weeds (Can)
Home Cookin'
Casius King & Downtown Rulers
Last Call For The Blues

Wayne Brereton (Irl)
The Robin's Call

Until The Sun (US)
Hadacol Tremblers (B)
Pills & Powder
Ray Gallon (US)
Grand Company
Antoine Drye (US)
Retreat To Beauty With Strings
Bryan Lubeck (US)
Welcome Winter
Deborah Silver (US)
Shake It Off
Noah Zacharin (Can)
Points Of Light

David Laronde (Can)
I Know I Can Fly

Heather Lynn Horton (US)
Get Me To A Nunnery

Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah (US)
The Falcon Ate The Flower

Candice Ivory (US)
When The Levee Breaks

Seulah Noh Jazz Orch (Kor)
Larkin Poe (US)
An Acoustic Compagnon

Denin Slage-Koch (US)
It Comes In Waves
Sunnyriders (HR)
27 Stitches

Alex Lopez (US)
Looking For A Change

Peter Veteska & Blues Train (US)
Full Tilt

Bob Corritore & Friends (US)
Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me

John Chin (US)
Sun of Music
George Burton (US)
The Yule Log
Herb Silverstein (US)
Barbara Morrison & The Legacy (US)
Blues Mama! (1949-2022)

B.B. & The Blues Shacks (D)
Lonesome in the Moonlight

Laurence Jones (UK)
Bad Luck & The Blues

Dave Keller (US)
It's Time To Shine

(blues - soulblues)
Erja Lyytinen (Fin)
Diamonds on the Road (Live)

Vincent Hsu (TW)
Music from The River Jazz Suite
The Moore-McColl Jazz Society (US)
Up and Gone
(jazz - jazzfunk)
Kyla Brox (UK)
Live at Köniz Castle

Mick Kolassa (US)
Essentially Not Serious

Ghalia Volt (B/US)
Shout Sister Shout

The Groove Krewe (US)
Blues From The Bayou

Vin Venezia (US)
The Venetian
Brad Turner Quintet (Can)
The Magnificent
Donald Vega (NI)
As I Travel
Rod Picott (US)
Stralight Tour

Chris Beard (US)
Pass It On Down

Terry Wilson (US)

Robert Rex Waller Jr. (US)
See The Big Man Cry

Danny Bryant (UK)

Misty Blues (US)
A Tribute To Odetta

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (UK)
Live at 1967 vol.3

Elliot Sharp's Terraplane (US)
Blue Edge

Chad Rupp & The Sugar Roots(US)
The Devil Won't Get You

Chris Yakopcic (US)
Live at the Hidden Gem

House of Waters (US)
On Becoming
Lucas Pino (US)
Old Californio (US)

Three Story Sandbox (US)
Artful Dodgers
Ben de la Cour (US)
Sweet Anhedonia

Tom Hambridge (US)
Blu Ja Vu

Duke Robillard Organ Trio (US/I)
A Smooth One

Popa Chubby & The Beast Band
Live At G. Bluey's Juke Joint NYC

Track Dogs (US/Irl/E)
Blind Summits & Hidden Dips

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse
Live in the UK 2023

EG Knight (US)
Sticks & Strings

Coffin-Perlson-Krausse (US)
Anthony Fung (US)
Aguankó (US)
(latin jazz)
Mizz Lowe (US)
Classy Woman

(blues - soul)
Tom Buenger (US)
Blues From Causcasia

Blackburn Brothers (Can)
SoulFunk 'n Blues

Coco Montoya (US)
Writing on the Wall

Dom Martin (N-Irl)
Buried in the Hail

(blues - roots)
Teresa James & Rhythm Tramps
Rose-Colored Glasses Vol.2

Big Daddy Wilson (US)
Plan B

Johnny Rawls (US)
Walking Heart Attack

(blues soul)
Nick Wade (US)
Feeling Good is Good Enough

Gonzalo Rubalcaba (US)
Borrowed Roses
Bobby Rush (US)
All My Love For You

Carlos Henriquez (US)
A Nuyorican Tale
The Diva Jazz Orchestra (US)
John F. Klaver
Organic and Sustainable Sessions 2
Darden Percell (US)
Love's Got Me In A Lazy Mood
Ben Winkelman (US)
Tommy Lee Cook (US)
Tommy Lee's Jonesin'

Willie J Laws Jr. (US)
Too Much Blues

Scott Weis Band (US)
Raise Your Hands

Wayward Jane (Scot)
The Flood
Rupert Wates (UK)
Sandy Carroll (US)
Love On It

Little G Weevil (Hun)
If I May

Joe Astley (US)
Seattle to Greaseland

Blues Shack (NL)
Ten To Five

Steve Howell (US)
Gallery of Echoes

(country blues)
Aaron Skiles (US)
Whistle Past The Grave
River Blonde (I)
Garage Blues

The Name Droppers (US)
Blue Diamonds

Hery Paz (Cub)
Max Gerl (US)
Willie J.Campbell (US)(1957-2022)
Be Cool

Richard Baratta (US)
Off The Charts
TechnoCats (US)
The Music Of Gregg Hill
Freddy Fender (US)(1937-2006)
Tex-Mex Blues

Jon Menges (US)
Spirit of 3, Spirit of 4
Rick & Jenda Derringer (US)
Rock The Yacht

Reverend Freakchild (US)
Songs of Beauty For Ashes of Realization

Mario Rossi (Bra)
Smoke Burst

Maddie Vogler (US)
While We Have Time
John Wojciekowski (US)
Swing of the Pendulum
Ole Lonesome (US)
Tejas Motel

Scottie Miller (US)
Carnival Cocoon

Mark Cameron (US)
Nasty Business

Danny Jonokuchi Big Band (US)
Water Tower (US)
Live From Los Angeles

Allan Harris (US)
Live at The Blue LLama
Jonathan Suazo (PR)
Steve Snyder Trio (US)
Prime Vintage
Ms. Jody (US)
A Night To Remember

(blues - southern soul)
The Pawn ShopSaints (US)

Ed Snodderly & The Shoestring Seven (US)
Chimney Smoke

Tim Woods (US)
For You

Mick Kolassa (US)
Wooden Music

Eric Johanson (US)
The Deep and The Dirty

Sammy Figueroa (US)
Searching For A memory
The Rodriguez Brothers (US)
Reunited: Live at Dizzy's Club
Lowcountry (US)
The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio (US)
The Long Haul
Connor O'Neill (US)
The Same Changes Vol II
Franck L Goldwasser (US)
Who Needs This Mess?!!

Parker Ferrell (US)
Love Runs Trough
Jeff Babko & David Piltch (US)
The Libretto Show
Greg Sover (US)

Nick Justice (US)
Stranger in my Town
Linda Purl (US)
This Could Be The Start
Duke Robillard (US)
Six Strings of Steel

Andreas Diehlmann Band (Ger)
Long Way To Go

(blues - bluesrock)
JoosTVD (NL)
Put Your Fake In It
(funk - jazz)
Catfish John Tisdell (US)
Peace of Mind

Jalen Baker (US)
Be Still
Arlen Roth & Jerry Jemmott (US)
Super Soul Session!

Nick Vardanega (Aus)
New Beginning
Jan James (US)
Time Bomb

(blues - soul)
Tracy Nelson (US)
Life Don't Miss Nobody

(blues - americana)
Larry Taylor & The Taylor Family
Generations of Blues

Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip (Fin)
Colors of Jealousy

Mike Bourne Band ft. Johnny Burgin
Cruisin' Kansas City

(blues - jump blues)
Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones
Groovin' At Groove Now (Live)

(blues - jump blues)
Nigel Mack (US)
Back in Style

Pete McCann (US)
Without Words
Anthony Hervey (US)
Words From My Horn
Big D & Captain Keys (B)
Tales Of Friendship

Nicole Zuriatis (US)
How Love Begins
Michael Constantino (US)
The Song Inside The Tune
Soulful Femme (US)

Andrew Hawkey (UK)
Malcolm Holcombe (US)
Bits & Pieces
Jan Geysen (B)
The Silver Lining (EP)
Mike Guldin & Rollin' & Tumbin' (US)
The Franklin Sessions

Kyle Culkin (US)
Shotgun Ridge

(blues - americana)
Anna Elizabeth Laube (US)
Wild Outside
Bob Bradshaw (US)
The Art Of Feeling Blue
JW-Jones (Can)
Everything Now

Melvin Smith (US)
Kaz Hawkins (N-Irl)
Until We Meet Again

Fuat Tuaç (Can)
Barn & Belle (NL)
The Dead Don,'t Dance (EP)

(americana - roots)
Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra (US)
Kemet: The Black Land
Eric Lilley Trio (US)
Christopher McBride (US)
Lady Adrena (US)
Recipe For The Blues (EP)

Paul Boddy & Slidewinder BB
Nosy Neighbors

Doug Beavers (US)
Louise Dodds & Elchin Shirinov (UK)
Two Hours After Midnight
Will James (UK)
Ticket West (NL) & Greg Izor (US)
Raphael Wressnig & Igor Prado (A/Bra)
(souljazz - funk)
Bruno Deneckere &
Kathleen Vandenhoudt (B)

Sharing The Blues
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Ashley Sherlock (UK)
Just A Name
(blues - bluesrock)
Kane Kalas (US)
High Hopes
Javier Red's Imagery Concerter
Life & Umbrella
Eric Heideman (US)
Third Degree Gravity
Pat McDougall (US)
In The Key of Sorry
Tony Holiday (US)
Hotel Mississippi
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours
Strangers No More
Lady J Huston (US)
Groove Me Baby
Grainne Duffy (Irl)
Dirt Woman Blues
(blues - bluesrock)
Ellis Paul (US)
Gonzalo Grau & La Clave Secreta (US)
De Verdad Verdad
Erik Friedlander (US)
She Sees
Don Braden (US)
Earth Wind and Wonder
Troy Roberts (US)
NU-Jive Live
Black Bottle Riot (NL)
That's Amore
Lil' Reed ft. Ben Levin (US)
Back To Baton Rouge
Walk That Walk (US)
Big World of Trouble
Michael Jerome Browne (Can)
Gettin' Together
The Pacific Jazz Group (US)
(latin jazz)
Luiz Millan (Bra)
Brazilian Match
(latin jazz)
Nalani Rothrock (US)
The Rock House Sessions
Vicente Archer (US)
Short Stories
Bruce Katz Band (US)
(blues-rhythm 'n blues -souljazz)
David Larsen (US)
The Peplowski Project
Joe Krown (US)
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Nelson Blanchard (US)
Deuce 'n A Quarter (US)
Keep Moving On
Jared Sims (US)
Alex Hamburger (US)
What If?
Buzz Amato (US)
Muse Café
Hollywood Paul Litteral (US)
Bruce Cockburn (Can)
O Sun O Moon
(singer songwriter)
Dudley Taft (US)
Guitar Kingdom
Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival(US)
Gypsy Soul (EP)
Jeremy Dutton (US)
Anyone is Better Than Here
Jan Cronin (US)
I Thought About You
Brad Guitar Wilson (US)
Lovers Before Sunrise
Marc Ciprut (US)
Blue House
Jae Sinnett's Zero To 60 Quartet
Big Harp George (US)
Cut My Spirit Loose
Afton Wolfe (US)
(blues - americana)
Dara Starr Tucker (US)
Jeff Coffin (US)
Look For Water
Mick Kolassa (US)
Slow Blues Essentials
The BluesBones (B)
(blues - bluesrock)
Misty Blues (US)
Outside The Lines
(blues - rock - funk)
Deb Callahan (US)
(blues - soul)
Alex Weitz (US)
Rule Of Thirds
Geraint Watkins (UK)
John Primer (US)
Teardrops For Magic Slim
(chicago blues)
Lauren Henderson (US)
Daddy Long Legs (US)
Street Sermons
(blues - rock)
Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia (US)
Blood Brothers
(blues - bluesrock)
Trudy Lynn (US)
Royal Oaks Blues Café (2013)
Jeff Richman (US)
The Özdemirs (D)
Introducing The Özdemirs
Ana Popovic (US/SR)
(soum, funk, blues)
George Coleman (US)
Live at Smalls Jazz Club
GA-20 (US)
Live in Loveland
Taj Mahal (US)
Alabama Mike (US)
Stuff I've Been Trough
Wayne Alpern (US)
Denis Agenet (F)
No'Mo Lapsters
(rhythm 'n blues-soul-blues)
Meredith Moon (Can)
The Bluest Sky (US)
The Bluest Sky
The Adam Larson Trio (US)
With Love From New York
Jono Manson (US)
Stars Enough To Guide Me
Peter Storm & The Blues Society
(blues - bluesrock)
Matt Anderson & The Bottle of Joy
The Bottle Of Joy
(soul - gospel - blues)
JP den Tex (NL)
The Starlight Adventure
Alexis Evans (F)
Yours Truly
Lizzie Thomas (US)
Duo Encounters
Scott Ellison (US)
Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers
Travelling Medicine Man
Harlem Lake (NL)
Volition Live
N. MacMaster & Donnem Leahy (Can)
(Celtic Folk)
Eric Lindell (US)
Oakland (EP)
Mike Miz (US)
Only Human
Aymeé Nuviola (CU)
Havana Nocturne
Champian Fulton (US)
Meet Me At Birdland
Ally Venable (US)
Real Gone
Lynn Miles (Can)
Tumble Weedy World
Jeff Pitchell (US)
PLaying With My Friends
Rhythm Krewe (US)
Unfinished Business
Savoy Brown (UK)
Blues All Around
Nick Finzer (US)
Dreams, Visions, Illusions
Danny Liston (US)
Johnny Wheels & The Swamp Donkeys
Keep on Pushin'
Tammi Savoy (US)
(rhythm 'n blues - rockabilly)
Angela Perley (US)
Turn Me Loose
The Cadillac Kings (UK)
Crash and Burn
(blues - jump blues)
The Nighthawks (US)
Sliant Six (EP)
Skylar Rogers (US)
Among The Insanity
Vince Ector Organatomy+ (US)
Live @ The Side Door
Sister Lucille (US)
Tell The World
Kenny Barron (US)
The Source
The Weezil Malone Band (US)
Desert Drive-In
Jimi 'Primetime' & Bob Corritore
The World in A Jug
Hailey Brinnel (US)
Beautiful Tomorrow
Red Beans & Pepper Sauce (F)
Van Morrison (UK)
Moving on Skiffle
Danielle Wertz (US)
Other Side
Jill Rogers & Crying Time (US)
Many Worlds Theory
(country - americana)
One Adam One (US)
Where Do I Begin
PD Martin (B)
Soulbeat Incarnate
Nils De Caster & Sara De Smedt (B)
Take This Stone
Sárah Rogo (US)
Tapestri (Wal)
Tell Me World
Steve Dawson (Can)
Eyes Closed, Dreaming
Sanah Kadoura (Lib/Can)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Cantaloupe Island
Scott Petito (US)
Many Worlds
The Backyard Casanovas (D)
Backyard Stomp
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Barbara Blue (US)
From The Shoals
Lulu and The Broadsides (US)
(nola - blues)
Kai Strauss (D)
Night Shift (2022)
Mississippi MacDonald (UK)
Heavy State Loving Blues
Bill Warfield (US)
Time Capsule
(jazz - funk)
Paul Carrack & SWR Big Band
Don't Wait Too Long
Various Artists (US)
Collection Volume 5
Nadia Washington (US)
Hope Resurgence
The Gayle Harrod Band (US)
(blues - soul)
Lynn Harrison (Can)
Rachel Therrien (Can)
Mi Hogar
(latin jazz)
Rogue Parade (US)
Dion's Quest
Teresa James (US)
With A Little Help From Her Friends
Jewel Brown (US)
Thanks For Good Ole' Music...
(blues - Jazz)
David Ronaldo & The Dice (B)
Tunes For A Dime
(rock-southern rock-bluesrock)
Paul Filipowicz (US)
Pier 43
Jo Lawry (Aus)
Lonestar Mojo (US)
Rough Around The Edges
Joe Locke (US)
Diane Blue (US)
Live! at the Fallout Shelter
(blues - soulblues)
Ben Bedford (US)
Valley of Stars
Sem Jansen (NL)
Uncle Sem
Jesse Davis (US)
Live at Smalls Jazz Club
Markus Rutz (US)
The Blues Rats (B)
The Last Train
(blues - americana)
Annie Capps (US)
How Can I Say This?
Dyer Davis (US)
Dog Bites Back
(blues - bluesrock)
Derrick Gardner & Jazz Prophets (US)
Pan Africa
Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers (US)
How Many Roads?
Eddie 9V (US)
Ben Wolfe (US)
Seth Rosenbloom (US)
As The Crow Flies
(blues - bluesrock)
Dave Liebman (US)
Live at Smalls

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