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HT Roberts (B)
The Open Hums Of Things
Erin Harpe (US)
Meet Mi In The Middle
(acoustic blues)
The Night Walkers (UK/D)
Walkin' With Friends
Nora Jean Wallace (US)
Blues Woman
Lauren Henderson (US)
Classic Christmas (EP)
(vocal jazz)
Christian Kjellvander (SE)
About Love and Loving Again
Federico Luiu (I/Can)
Walkin' The Blues (Europe 2020)
Handkerchief (B)
Mutiny Ballads & Fishguarding Songs
(gypsy ska, blues, roots)
Malaya Blue (UK)
The Neptunas (US)
Mermaid A Go Go
(surfrock - garagerock)
Frans van Deursen (NL)
Motel Coyote
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Dave Riley & Bob Corritore (US)
Travelin' The Dirt Road
Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings (US)
Going Back Home
Progress band (US)
A String That Picks Up Everything
(dark americana)
The Refusers (US)
Freedom Fighter
Luke Sellick & Andrew Rendroe
Small Vacation
Gina DeLuca (US)
Better Than Chocolate
(rockabilly blues - jazz)
Hat Check Girl (US)
Kiss me Quick
The Pawn Shop Saints (US)
Ordinary Folks
Kerry Patrick Clark (US)
What A Show
Delta Spirit (US)
What Is There
Ben Harper (US)
Winter is For Lovers
Bob Margolin (US)
Stars of States and Screens (EP)
(acoustic blues)
Joe Bonamassa (US)
Royal Tea
Jack de Keyzer (Can)
Shaun Murphy (US)
Flame Still Burns
Michael Ward With Dogs & Fishes
Blind Spot
(Alt-rock - World music)
Randall Bramlett (US)
Pine Needle Fire
Gráinne Duffy (Irl)
Voodoo Blues
Shemekia Copeland (US)
Uncivil War
Big Harp George (US)
Living In The City
Benoit Blue Boy (F)
Résolument Blue
Bluesman Mike (US)
Knee Deep Into The Blues
Kristiana Roemer (US/D)
House of Mirrors
The Memphis Kings (US)
The Memphis King (EP)
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Mojo Blues Band (A)
Rupert Wates (UK)
Ellen Shae (NL)
Caged Bird
(americana - folk)
Aaron Burnett & Big Machine (US)
Jupiter Conjuct
Tiny Legs Tim (B)
Call Us When It's Over
Jimmie Vaughan (US)
The Pleasure's All Mine (2CD)
John Németh (US)
Stronger Than Strong
(blues - soulblues)
West Of Eden (SE)
Cabin Songs
Robin Trower, Maxi Priest & Livingstone Brown (UK)
United State Of Mind
(soul - blues)
The Furious Seasons (US)
La Fonda
Mick Kolossa (US)
If You Can't Be Good...
Melvin Litton (US)
Bare Bones (4CD)
(countryblues - folkblues)
Billy J (US)
Rise Above
Lachy Doley (Aus)
Double Figures
Papo Vàzquez (US)
Chapter 10: Breaking Cover
(latin jazz)
Dave Rosewood (US)
No Rodeo In Rome
The McKee Brothers (US)
A Time Like This
Los Brujos (US)
The Wheelchair Blues Project (B)
Let's Roll
Danny Brooks & Lil' Miss Debi (US)
Are You Ready?
Kelly's Lot (US)
Another Sky
Kasperi Sarikoski (Fin)
Scott McClatchy (US)
Six Of One
(rhythm 'n blues-rock)
Michael Veitch (US)
Best Of Many Days
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Daniel Trakell (Aus)
Warning Bell
Rasmus Blomqvist (SE)
Columbia Road
Dan German (UK)
Never Settle
Rich Krueger (US)
The Troth Sessions
Josh Smith (US)
Live At The Spud
Sarah Elizabeth Charles
& Jarrett Cherner
Jenny Reynolds (US)
Any Kind Of Angel
Dudley Taft (US)
Cosmic Radio
Surrender Hill (US)
A Whole Lot Of Freedom
Damani Rhodes (US)
Reverend John Wilkins (US)
Alastair Greene (US)
The New World Blues
Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Unemployed Highly Annoyed
Bobbo Byrnes (US)
Sea Green Number 5
Patrick Cornelius (US)
Acadia: Way of the Cairns
Adam Lopez (US)
Vol 1 The Love We Were Born
(american roots music)
Rymden (Nor)
Space Sailors
(jazz - fusion)
The Mariel Bildsten Quintet (US)
The Mystix (US)
Can't Change It
(american roots - blues)
Misty Blues (US)
Weed 'Em & Reap
Dan Krikorian (US)
Alive in Costa Mesa
Su Andersson (SE)
Train Stories
Thee Holy Brothers (US)
My Name Is Sparkle
Dustin Laurenzi (US)
A Time And A Place
The Sensational Country Blues Wonders (US)
The World Will Break Your Heart
Jim Stanard (US)
Color Outside The Lines
Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekro (US/N)
A Death Divine
(gothic blues-rock)
Copperhead County (NL)
(southern rock)
Red's Blues (US)
Broke Down in the Fast Lane
Squirrel Nut Zippers (US)
Lost Songs Of Doc Souchon
Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite
100 Years of Blues
The Kaleidoscope Quintet (US)
Dance On The Edge
Alex Wintz Trio (US)
Live To Tape
Alonzo Demetrius (US)
Live From The Prison Nation
Kim Wilson (US)
Take Me Back
(blues - West Coast)
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers (US)
Beware of Worthless Imitations
(Americana - Country Soul))
Júlia Karosi (US/HU)
Without Demensions
Chad McCullough (US)
Kurt Allen (US)
Whiskey, Women & Trouble
(blues - bluesrock)
Kirk Fletcher (US)
My Blues Pathway
Steven Troch (B)
Dione Taylor (Can)
Spirits in the Water
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band
The Ballad of Albert Johnson
César Orosco & Kamarata Jazz
Rooted Forward
Ad Vanderveen (NL)
Treasure Keepers
Templo Diez (NL)
Errol Linton (UK)
No Entry
Femi Precious (UK)
Lockdown Blues Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Peter Parcek (US)
Mississippi Suitcase
Taber Gable (US)
Hidden Driveways
Oh Suzanna (Can)
Sleepy Little Sailor
Douglas Greer (US)
My Last Storm
THR33 (UK)
Bette Smith (US)
The Good The Bad & The Bette
Johnny Rawls (US)
Where Have All The Soul Men Gone?
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers
Volume 1
Brandi Disterheft (US)
Bettye LaVette (US)
The Ragtime Rumours (NL)
Abandon Ship
(ragtime - blues & co)
Scott Cook (Can)
Tangle of Souls
(singer-songwriter - folk)
The Allman Betts Band (US)
Bless Your Heart
(southern rock - rock)
Vanessa Collier (US)
Heart on the Line
The Brianna Thomas Band (US)
Everybody Knows
Tomoko Omura (US)
Branches vol.1
Sunnysiders (HR)
The Bridges
Bobby Rush (US)
Rawer Than Raw
(acoustic blues)
All Them Witches (US)
Nothing As The Ideal
(neo-psychedelic bluesrock)
Crooked Eye Tommy (US)
Hot Coffee and Pain
Robbie Reay (US)
Up and Down
Chad Lb (US)
Quarantine Standards
Katchie Cartwright (US)
Rainy Afternoon
The Mavericks (US)
En Español
(Latin - mariachi)
System 6 (US)
Bennie's Lament
Kris Delmhorst (US)
Long Day in The Milky Way
Lucas Spinoza (US)
Friends & Legends of Louisiana
(blues & Co)
The Royal Bopsters (US)
Party of Four
Johnny Iguana (US)
(Chicago blues)
Jay Walter en The Rectifiers (US)
(Chicago blues)
Chien Chien Lu (TW)
The Path
Greg Ward (US)
High Alert
Orlando le Fleming (US)
Romantic Funk: The Unfamiliar
Mean Mary (US)
(folk - americana)
The Wacky Jugs (F)
Wired, Wild and Wicked
(rural blues)
Willy Bo Walker & Danny Flam
Ain't No Man A Good Man (2CD)
The Lucky Losers (US)
Godless Land
Dan Penn (US)
Living On Mercy
The Generations Quartet (US)
Iker Piris & His Dual Electras (E)
(west-coast blues)
JD Taylor (US)
The Coldwater Sessions
Cary Morin (US)
Dockside Saints
Champian Fulton (US)
MFC Chicken (UK)
Fast Food & Broken Hearts
José Rizo's Mongorama (US)
Mariposas Cantan
(latin jazz)
Miki Yamanaka (Jap)
Human Dust Suite
Scott Weis Band (US)
Simmer Me Down
Rick Berthod (US)
Peripheral Visions
Kenny Kotwitz & LA Jazz Quitet
When Lights Are Low
Radam Schwartz Organ Gig Band
Message From Groove and GW
Kaz Hawkins (North.Irl)
Memories Of
(blues-rhythm 'n blues-soul)
Benny Rubin Jr. (US)
Now Say Or See
JW-Jones (Can)
Sonic Departures
Kat Riggins (US)
Cry Out
Richard Baratta (US)
Music in Film: The Real Deal
Emma Swift (Aus)
Blonde on the Tracks
Matt Ulery (US)
Broke Fuse (Can)
Why Should I Be Blue?
Sam Joyner (US)
When U Need A Friend
(soulblues - NOLA)
EBS ft. Boo Boo Davis (US/NL)
Chicago Blues Covers (EP)
Neal Black & The Healers (US)
A Little Boom Boom Boom
(blues - bluesrock)
Jump, Jive & Joy (NL)
Full House
(rhythm 'n blues - jump blues)
Rochelle & The Sidewinders (US)
Something Good
Anthony Geraci (US)
Daydreams in Blue
Regina Carter Freedom Band (US)
Swing States
Daniel Nestlerode (US)
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Lee Gallagher (US)
L.A. Yesterday
Dave Fields (US)
Force of Will
The Texas Gentlemen (US)
Floor It!!!
Kemuel Roig (CU)
Jon Strahl Band (US)
Heartache and Toil
Various Artists (US)
Back To Paradise
(Tulsa sound)
Javier Nero (US)
Justin Wells (US)
The United State
Meadow Creek (SE)
Pieces of Driftwood
Lara Taubman (US)
Cina Samuelson (SE)
Sing With Your Heart and Soul
Greyhounds (US)
(roots - soul)
Jesse Fischer (US)
Charles McPherson (US)
Jazz Dance Suites
Fabrizio Poggi (I)
For You
(blues - gospel)
The Legendary Ingramettes (US)
Take A Look In The Book
(blues - gospel)
The Dirty River Dixie Band (US)
High Life In San Antone
(dixie - hot jazz)
Big Pacific (Can)
Welcome To The Party
Dave Pietro (US)
Mike Fahie Jazz Orchestra (US)
Jaime Wyatt (US)
Neon Cross
Nick Harim (US)
Will This make Me Good
(soul - electronic jazz)
Sitting Duck (B)
Midsummer Blues (EP)
Teodross Avery (US)
Harlem Stories
Sammy Brue (US)
Crash Test Kid
Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne (US)
Go, Just Do It!
Johnny Burgin (US)
No Border Blues
Shirley King (US)
Blues For A King
Gravel & Grace (US)
Gravel & Grace
Sweet Bourbon (NL)
Born A Rebel
A.J. Fullerton & Jake Friel (US)
Fullerton & Friel
(acoustic blues)
Joe Louis Walker (US)
Blues Comin' On
Julian Taylor (Can)
The Ridge
The Jason Daniels Band (US)
Downloads From The Universe
(blues - funk)
Laura Green (US)
Green Eyed Blues
Ted Russell Kamp (US)
Down in the Den
Julian Shore (US)
Where We Started
Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola
Viento y Tiempo
(Latin jazz)
Bongeziwe Mabandla (SA)
Safari Season (SE)
A New Future
G.F. Patrick (US)
One Town Over
Kyle LaLone (US)
Somewhere in Between
Jade MacRea (US)
Handle Me With Care
(soul - blues)
Ryan Cohan (US)
Derrick Gardner & The Big Dig!
Still I Rise
Larkin Poe (US)
Self Made Man
Micke & Lefty ft. Chef (Fin)
Let The Fire Lead
(blues-country blues)
Mike Zito (US)
Quarantine Blues
Guy Verlinde & The Mighty Gators
Unreleased Live Recordings
Dion (US)
Blues With Friends
Dan Tuffy (Aus)
Letters of Gold
(dark americana)
Ismo Haavisto OMB (Fin)
Hard Stompin' Blues
Michael Johnathon (US)
Di Louie (B)
Het Licht
(blues - roots)
Tony Holiday (US)
Soul Service
(blues - soulblues)
Duffy Bishop (US)
I'm Gonna Do What I Want
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Coco O'Connor (US)
When I Was Your World
Jorge Pérez-Albela (US)
The Time Is Now
LeRoux (Louisiana's) (US)
One Of These Days
(Louisiana blues - southern rock)
Gina Sicilia (US)
Love Me Madly
(soulblues - soul)
Nicole Zuriatis (US)
All Wondering Hearts
Miss Jubilee & Yas Yas Boys (US)
Cool It If You Can
(NOLA - hot jazz)
Mafalda Minnozzi (US)
(latin jazz)
Charlie Bedford (Aus)
Good To Go
The Liberators (NL)
Troubled Mind
Ward Richmond (US)
Highly Meditated
The Brecker Brothers (US)
Live and Unreleased
Gerald McClendon (US)
Can't Nobody Stop Me Now
(soulblues - soul)
Jose Ramirez (CR)
Here I Come
Ruthie Foster Big Band (US)
Live at the Paramount
(blues - soul)
Evelyn Rubio (Mex)
Crossing Borders

Andrew Alli (US)
Hard Working Man

Band of Heysek (CZ)
feat. R.L. Boyce & Kenny Brown

Juke My Joint
(country blues)
Norman Beaker (UK)
Running Down The Clock
Greg Copeland (US)
The Tango Bar
Dave Bryant (US)
Night Visitors
Smitty & The JumpStarters (US)
Let's Get Jumpstarted
(jump blues)
Quinn DeVeaux (US)
Book of Soul
(soul - blues)
Nick Steed (UK)
Homebound Blues
(blues - nola)
Deman Rogue (B)
Tawny Ellis (US)
Love Life
Don Bryant (US)
You Make Me Feel
Stripmall Ballads (US)
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Sugar Ray & The Bluetones (US)
feat. Little Charlie

Too Far From The Bar
Michael van Merwyk (D)
The Bear
Eric Hughes Band (US)
Postcard From Beale Street
Rusty Ends & Hillbilly Hoodoo (US)
The Last Of The Boogiemen
(hillbilly blues)
Phil Bee (NL)
Against The Wind
(soul - blues - rock)
Darlin' Brando (US)
Also, Too...
Elsa Nilsson (SE)
For Human Beings
Steve Earle & The Dukes (US)
Ghosts of West Virginia
(rootsrock - americana)
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US)
Last Night on the Highway
(southern rock)
Blues Escape ft. Johanna Lillvik
(blues - jazz)
Azat Bayazitov (Rus)
The Doors Are Open
Rev. John Lee Hooker Jr. (US)
Wayne Nicholson (Can)
& John Campbelljohn

Elmore's Blues
Aaron West (Aus)
Blues Night - Live In Brisbane
The Mighty Mojo Prophets (US)
Sounds From The Jungle Hut
Mel Peekaboo (I)
Straight To your Heart
(rokabilly - rock 'n roll)
Zakiya Hooker (US)
John Minnock (US)
Herring Cove
Eliza Neals (US)
Black Crow Moan
Ben Kunder (Can)
Searching For The Stranger
Mathis Sound Orchestra (F)
World Unity (EP)
Spilar (B)
Dave Greaves (UK)
Guy Verlinde (B)
Unreleased Acoustic Recordings
(acoustic blues)
Steve Howell, Dan Summer &
Jason Weinheimer (US)

Long Ago
(acoustic blues)
Victor Wainwright & The Train
Memphis Loud
David Bromberg Band (US)
Big Road
Crystal Shawanda (Can)
Church House Blues
Dylan Jack Quartet (US)
The Story Of The Twelve-Foot Man
John Cee Stannard (UK)
† 17-03-2020
When The Time Is Right
(folk - blues)
John Primer & Bob Corritore (US)
The Gypsy Woman Told me
Al Gold (US)
Al Gold's Paradise
Troy Roberts (US)
Stuff I Heard
Ajoyo (US)
War Paint
(jazz - funk)
Ana Popovic (SRB)
Live for Live CD/DVD
(blues - bluesrock)
The Claudettes (US)
Hard Times in the Dark
(blues - punk)
Mannish Boy (SE)
Last Ticket to Rock 'n Roll Land
Sissy Castrogiovanni (I)
(vocal jazz)
Chris Holm (US)
One Man Country Blues Band
(country blues)
Veronica Sbergia Quartet (I)
Don't Knock
Jay Willie & J. Montgomery (US)
Cadillac Walk
Dan Tuffy (Aus)
Letters of Gold
(dark americana)
Michael Derning & Mia Arends (US)
Rough Magic
Joe Edwards (UK)
Keep On Running
Mark Easton (Aus)
Free Yourself
Michael Olatuja (NG)
Lagos Pepper Soup
John Cee Stannard (UK)
† 17-03-2020
Folk Roots Revisted
Son of The Velvet Rat (A)
Monkey Years #2
(dark americana)
Witch's Wall (US)
Carrington MacDuffie (US)
I'm The One (EP)
Matthews Southern Comfort (UK)
The New Mine
Lauren Henderson (US)
The Songbook Session
(latin jazz)
Diane Schuur (US)
Running On Faith
The Danberrys (US)
Noble Jacks (UK)
Stay Awake (Deluxe Version)
Zoe Schwarz' Blue Commotion
Mama Shakers (F)
Cannibal Rhythm
(ragtime - dixie - NOLA)
Blind Lemon Pledge (US)
Goin' Home
(acoustic blues)
Trickbag (SE)
25 Years of Housrockin'
Rhythm 'n Blues
(rhythm 'n blues)
Jim Gustin & Truth Jones (US)
Lessons Learned
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Wild Boy
(blues - dirty rock 'n roll)
Pokey LaFarge (US)
Rock Bottom Rapshody
Lilly Hiatt (US)
Walking Proof
(rock-country rock)
Reverend Shawn Amos
& The Brotherhood (US)

Blue Sky
Austin Walkin' Cane (US)
Ann Lee (B)
Down The Road (EP)
(soulful blues - americana)
Don Flemons (US)
Prospect Hill
Avey Grouws Band (US)
The Devil May Care
Watermelon Slim (US)
Travelling Man (Live)
Rory Block (US)
Prove It On Me
(acoustic blues)
The Proven Ones (US)
You Ain't Done
(alt. blues)
Ben Reel (Irl)
The Nashville Calling
(rootsy americana)
A Choir Of Ghosts (SE)
An Ounce Of Gold
White Owl Red (US)
Sasha Mashin (Rus)
Happy Synapse
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Live @ The Theatre vol.2
(blues-dirty rock 'n roll)
Eamonn McCormack (Irl)
Leslie Beukelman (US)
Golden Daffodil
Gabriel Chakarji (Ven)
New Beginning
Casey Hensley (US)
Good as Gone
Little Devils & The Shuffle Blue Flames
Sticky Rollin'
The Uppertones (US)
Easy Snapping
(jump blues)
Vanja Sky (HR)
Womanb Named Trouble
Joe Nolan (Can)
W. Smith III & M. Stevens (US)
In Common 2
Carolina Calvache (Col)
Vida Profunda
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
The Whole World Inside
Miss Tess (US)
Make It Right
(american roots music)
Eileen Rose (US)
Muscle Shoals
Shunzo Ohno (Jap)
Joy Mills Band (US)
Shawn Pittman (US)
Make It Right
Caroline Rose (US)
Genna & Jesse (US)
Say OK
Özgür Hazar (TR)
Sad and Blue
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US)
The Latin Jazz Project
Sam Doores (US)
Thana Alexa (US/HR)
Maya Rae (Can)
Can You See Me?
Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead
Legacy Holder

Stephanie Hatfield (US)
Out This Fell

Laura Kits (NL)
Holy Fountain Water

Tom Mank & Sera Smolen (US)
We Still Know How To Love
Liz Mandeville (US)
PLaying With Fire
King Solomon Hicks (US)
Roomful of Blues (US)
In A Roomful of Blues
Lisa Mills (US)
The Triangle
Chris McCarthy (US)
Still Time To Quit
Chickenbone Slim (US)
(west-coast blues)
A.K. & The Brotherhood (SE)
Oh Sedona!
The James Hunter Six (UK)
Niclk of Time
(soul, rhythm 'n blues)
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL)
Where We're Heading
Louise Cappi (US)
Mèlange (2017/2020)
Barnill Brothers (B)
A Better Place
My Darling Clementine (UK)
Country Darkness Vol.1 (EP)
(Country Soul)
Chicago Yestet (US)
Not There Yet
Nels Andrews (US)
Pigeon and the Crow
Albert Castiglia (US)
Wild and Free (Live)
Barbara Bergin (US)
Blood Red Moon
Charles Pillow Ensemble (US)
Chamber Jazz
Jan James (US)
Sass Jordan (Can)
Rebel Moon Blues
Håkon Høye (Nor)
Nights at the Surf Hotel
Randall Bramblett (US)
The Meantime (10th Anniversary)
Elsa Nilsson (SE)
Ivy Ford (US)
Club 27
Andy Milne & Unison (US)
The Remission
The Secret Sisters (US)
Saturn Return
Johnny Rawls (US)
Live in Europe
Mary Jo Curry Band (US)
Front Porch
Jono Manson (US)
Silver Moon
Hayseed Dixie (US)
Blast From The Grassed
(Alt-country - bluegrass)
Sonny Landreth (US)
Blacktop Rain
Marcus King (US)
El Dorado
Marc Borms (B)
(singer-songwrite - roots)
Fernando Neris (B)
The Tiny Crowd
The Missy Sippy All Stars (B)
Missi Sippy All Stars Vol. 1
(blues 'n roots)
Chip Taylor (US)
In Sympathy Of A heartbreak
Andrew Hawkey (UK)
Long Story Short
Bobby Selvaggio (US)
Live From The Bop Stop
Bai Kamara Jr.
Gunther Brown (US)
Heartache & Roses
Sister Lucille (US)
Ry Cavanaugh (US)
Time For This
Bill Blue (US)
The King Of Crazy Town
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Ryan Perry (US)
High Risk, Low Reward
Phantom Blues Band (US)
Still Cookin'
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Mick Kolossa (US)
Blind Lemon Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Richard Ray Farrell (US)
Three Pints of Gin
(acoustic blues)
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Ice Cream In Hell
Jeffrey Foucault (US)
Blood Brothers
Tom Gilberts (US)
Old School
Albert Cummings (US)
(blues - soul)
Adam Karch (Can)
Everything Can Change
(country blues)
Eileen Ivers (US)
Scatter The Light
Terry Ohms (US)
Cold Cold Shoulder
John Blek (Irl)
The Embers
Sari Schorr (US)
Live in Europe
(blues rock)
Laila Biali (Can)
Out of Dust
Aubrey Johnson (US)
(vocal jazz)
Sam Hirsh (US)
Quite Frankly
Whitney Shay (US)
Stand Up!
(blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Jake La Botz (US)
They're Coming For Me
Hot Club of Los Angeles (US)
Cinema Swing
(gypsy swing - jazz manouche)
Rachel Therrien (US)
Pacific Mambo Orchestra (US)
The III Side
(latin jazz)
Ruby Turner (Jam)
Love Was Here
(soul-blues-rhythm 'n blues)
Amberly Chalberg (US)
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Ben Rice & RB Stone (US)
Out of the Box
Martyn Joseph (UK)
Days of Decision
Tami Neilson (Can)
Chicka Boom!
Lily Locksmith (US)
I Don't Need (7")
(rhythm 'n blues)
Popa Chubby (US)
It's A Mighty Hard Road
Reverend Red (US)
Lakewood Dreamers
The Pilgrims (NL)
Tom "The Suit" Forst (US)
World of Broken Hearts
Kiki Valera (CU)
Vivencias en Clave Cubana
(latin jazz)
Tas Cru (US)
Drive On
Torgeir Waldemar (N)
Cargo Mas (B)
Cargo Mas
Matt Harlan (US)
Best Beasts
Waylon Thibodeaux (US)
Here We Go Again
(Louisiana blues)
Frank Bey (US)
All My Dues Are Paid
(blues - soul)
Fog Holler (US)
The Offical Bootleg
Jeremiah Johnson (US)
Heavens To Betsy
Sarah Thorpe (F)
Deep Blue Love
(vocal jazz)
Clark Sommers' Ba(SH) (US)
Lakecia Benjamin (US)
Persuance: The Coltranes
Frank Kohl (US)
The Crossing
Justin Varnes (US)
Survival Instinct
Lucifer Mo'Blues (B)
We Know Much Better
(acoustic blues)
Bernard Allison (US)
Songs From The Road
Rott'n Dan & Lightnin' Willy (Can)
Sweet Sweet Acoustic Blues
(acoustic blues - country blues)
Neil Bob Herd (UK)
& The Dirty Little Acoustic Band

Every Soul A Story
What A Wonderful...Toots (B)
Remembering the Gentle Baron
Tomislav Goluban (Hun)
Memphis Light
(harmonica blues)
Jimmy Johnson (US)
Every Day of Your Life
Sam Lewis (US)
Snafu by Alias Wayne (US)
Mike Bond (US)
The Honorable Ones
Tomás Doncker (US)
Moanin' At Midnight
Kaylé Brecher (US)
(vocal jazz)
Carus Thompson (Aus)
Shakespeare Avenue
Robin McKelle (US)
(vocal jazz)
Sid Whelan (US)
Waitin' For Payday
(singer-songwriter blues)
Cave Flowers (US)
(southern rock)
Charlie Sutton (US)
Primitive Songs For Modern Times
(roots-country blues)
Ruby Lovett (US)
It's A Hard Life
Dirty5 (B)
Travelling Shoes
The Dave Liebman Group (US)
Jeff Rupert & George Garzone (US)
The Riplle
Stephen Fearing (Can)
The Unconquerable Past
Steven De bruyn (B)
The Eternal Perhaps
JD Walter (US)
Dressed in A Song
Lynne Hanson (Can)
Just Words
Mrs. Henry (US)
Live At The Casbah
Jonathan NG (US)
The Sphynx
DC Snakebuster (B)

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