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Album Reports 2023
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Tapestri (Wal)
Tell Me World
Steve Dawson (Can)
Eyes Closed, Dreaming
Sárah Rogo (US)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Cantaloupe Island
Scott Petito (US)
Many Worlds
Sanah Kadoura (Lib/Can)
Barbara Blue (US)
From The Shoals
Lulu and The Broadsides (US)
(nola - blues)
Kai Strauss (D)
Night Shift (2022)
Mississippi MacDonald (UK)
Heavy State Loving Blues
Bill Warfield (US)
Time Capsule
(jazz - funk)
Paul Carrack & SWR Big Band (UK)
Don't Wait Too Long
Various Artists (US)
Collection Volume 5
Nadia Washington (US)
Hope Resurgence
The Gayle Harrod Band (US)
(blues - soul)
Lynn Harrison (Can)
Rachel Therrien (Can)
Mi Hogar
(latin jazz)
Rogue Parade (US)
Dion's Quest
Teresa James (US)
With A Little Help From Her Friends
Jewel Brown (US)
Thanks For Good Ole' Music...
(blues - Jazz)
David Ronaldo & The Dice (B)
Tunes For A Dime
(rock-southern rock-bluesrock)
Paul Filipowicz (US)
Pier 43
Jo Lawry (Aus)
Lonestar Mojo (US)
Rough Around The Edges
Joe Locke (US)
Diane Blue (US)
Live! at the Fallout Shelter
(blues - soulblues)
Ben Bedford (US)
Valley of Stars
Sem Jansen (NL)
Uncle Sem
Jesse Davis (US)
Live at Smalls Jazz Club
Markus Rutz (US)
The Blues Rats (B)
The Last Train
(blues - americana)
Annie Capps (US)
How Can I Say This?
Dyer Davis (US)
Dog Bites Back
(blues - bluesrock)
Derrick Gardner & Jazz Prophets (US)
Pan Africa
Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers (US)
How Many Roads?
Eddie 9V (US)
Ben Wolfe (US)
Seth Rosenbloom (US)
As The Crow Flies
(blues - bluesrock)
Dave Liebman (US)
Live at Smalls

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